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Hello all! For those who actually wonder about me I will state all about my opinions on My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic and even say a bunch of other stuff that may or may not relate to the show.

First off: How I became a brony. I first heard about the show in 2011 and I personally rejected it, because I wanted to preserve my masculinity. Now, I enjoy shows such as the Powerpuff Girls, but I know that a lot of other guys like that show too. So let's fast forward a lot to the summer of 2012. My brother was watching MLP when I walked in (the episode was "Hearth's Warming Eve") so I tried to watch a little bit of it. I could not understand any of it, so I told him to turn it off. So he did and I forgot about the show for a little while.

Then jump ahead to November 2012. During one of my midnight boredom sessions I decided to watch an episode for the heck of it. By that time I had at least learned the names of all the main 6 ponies (but for some reason thought Spike was Rarity and vice versa) thanks to the Internet. The first FULL episode I had watched was "The Last Roundup." I watched it and ended up realizing how good it actually was. Then the next few weeks went by and the episode "One Bad Apple came out. I watched it and during the "Babs Seed" song something clicked for me and I knew that I had become a brony. I realized how good all aspects of the show were: the voice acting, the animation, and the writing are only a few of the components that make this show one of the best I have ever seen.

So that's my history of becoming a brony. Hope you enjoyed my little story! Now randomness time:

Favorite Characters List (no particular order)


Fluttershy smiling awkwardly at Rainbow S6E11.png

Coco Pommel

Coco Pommel wide smile S5E16.png

Marble Pie

Marble Pie ID S5E20.png

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle

Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle smiling S6E4.png


Rarity excited about the Applewood Derby S6E14.png



Applejack smiling pleased S6E10.png


Discord gets an idea S5E7.png

Flim and Flam

Flim and Flam winking and singing S4E20.png

Episode Scores


S1E1/S1E2 (Friendship is Magic) 7.5
S1E3 (The Ticket Master)


S1E4 (Applebuck Season) 9.0
S1E5 (Griffon the Brush Off) 4.5
S1E6 (Boast Busters) 8.0
S1E7 (Dragonshy) 8.5
S1E8 (Look Before You Sleep) 8.5
S1E9 (Bridle Gossip) 8.5
S1E10 (Swarm of the Century) 7.5
S1E11 (Winter Wrap Up) 8.5
S1E12 (Call of the Cutie) 8.0
S1E13 (Fall Weather Friends) 8.5
S1E14 (Suited for Success) 9.0
S1E15 (Feeling Pinkie Keen) 8.5
S1E16 (Sonic Rainboom) 9.5
S1E17 (Stare Master) 9.0
S1E18 (The Show Stoppers) 8.5
S1E19 (A Dog and Pony Show) 8.5
S1E20 (Green Isn't Your Color) 8.5
S1E21 (Over A Barrel) 8.5
S1E22 (A Bird in the Hoof) 7.5
S1E23 (The Cutie Mark Chronicles) 9.5

S1E24 (Owl's Well That Ends Well)

S1E25 (Party of One) 9.0
S1E26 (The Best Night Ever)



S2E1/S2E2 (Return of Harmony) 9.5
S2E3 (Lesson Zero) 10
S2E4 (Luna Eclipsed) 9.5
S2E5 (Sisterhooves Social) 9.0
S2E6 (The Cutie Pox) 7.5
S2E7 (May the Best Pet Win!) 8.5
S2E8 (The Mysterious Mare Do Well) 5.5
S2E9 (Sweet and Elite) 8.0
S2E10 (Secret of My Excess) 8.5
S2E11 (Hearth's Warming Eve) 9.0
S2E12 (Family Appreciation Day) 8.0
S2E13 (Baby Cakes) 7.5
S2E14 (The Last Roundup) 9.5
S2E15 (The Super Speedy Cider Squeezy 6000) 10
S2E16 (Read It and Weep) 9.5
S2E17 (Hearts and Hooves Day) 9.0
S2E18 (A Friend In Deed) 8.5
S2E19 (Putting Your Hoof Down) 9.0
S2E20 (It's About Time) 8.5
S2E21 (Dragon Quest) 8.0
S2E22 (Hurricane Fluttershy) 10
S2E23 (Ponyville Confidential) 8.0
S2E24 (MMMystery on the Friendship Express) 8.5
S2E25/S2E26 (A Canterlot Wedding) 9.0



S3E1/S3E2 (The Crystal Empire) 8.5
S3E3 (Too Many Pinkie Pies) 8.0
S3E4 (One Bad Apple) 9.0

S3E5 (Magic Duel)

S3E6 (Sleepless in Ponyville) 10
S3E7 (Wonderbolts Academy) 9.0
S3E8 (Apple Family Reunion) 8.0
S3E9 (Spike At Your Service) 5.0
S3E10 (Keep Calm and Flutter On) 9.5
S3E11 (Just For Sidekicks) 8.0
S3E12 (Games Ponies Play) 9.0
S3E13 (Magical Mystery Cure) 6.5

Episode Score
S4E1/S4E2 (Princess Twilight Sparkle) 8.5
S4E3 (Castle Mane-ia) 8.5
S4E4 (Daring Don't) 8.0
S4E5 (Flight to the Finish) 9.5
S4E6 (Power Ponies) 8.5
S4E7 (Bats!) 8.5
S4E8 (Rarity Takes Manehattan) 9.5
S4E9 (Pinkie Apple Pie) 9.0
S4E10 (Rainbow Falls) 6.5
S4E11 (Three's A Crowd) 8.5
S4E12 (Pinkie Pride) 10
S4E13 (Simple Ways) 8.5
S4E14 (Filli Vanilli) 9.0
S4E15 (Twilight Time) 8.0
S4E16 (It Ain't Easy Being Breezies) 7.5
S4E17 (Somepony to Watch Over Me) 8.5
S4E18 (Maud Pie) 8.5
S4E19 (For Whom the Sweetie Belle Toils) 9.0
S4E20 (Leap of Faith) 8.5
S4E21 (Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3) 9.5
S4E22 (Trade Ya!) 9.0
S4E23 (Inspiration Manifestation) 9.0
S4E24 (Equestria Games) 8.5
S4E25/S4E26 (Twilight's Kingdom) 10

Episode Score
S5E1/S5E2 (The Cutie Map) 9.0
S5E3 (Castle Sweet Castle) 8.5
S5E4 (Bloom and Gloom) 9.0
S5E5 (Tanks for the Memories) 9.0
S5E6 (Appleloosa's Most Wanted) 8.0
S5E7 (Make New Friends But Keep Discord) 9.5
S5E8 (The Lost Treasure of Griffonstone) 9.0
S5E9 (Slice of Life) 8.5
S5E10 (Princess Spike) 6.0
S5E11 (Party Pooped) 7.0
S5E12 (Amending Fences) 10
S5E13 (Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?) 9.0
S5E14 (Canterlot Boutique) 8.5
S5E15 (Rarity Investigates) 8.5
S5E16 (Made in Manehattan) 10
S5E17 (Brotherhooves Social) 8.0
S5E18 (Crusaders of the Lost Mark) 10
S5E19 (The One Where Pinkie Pie Knows) 8.0
S5E20 (Hearthbreakers) 9.5
S5E21 (Scare Master) 9.0
S5E22 (What About Discord?) 8.0
S5E23 (The Hooffields and McColts) 8.0
S5E24 (The Mane Attraction) 8.5
S5E25/S5E26 (The Cutie Re-Mark) 9.0

Episode Score
S6E1/S6E2 (The Crystalling) 7.5
S6E3 (The Gift of the Maud Pie) 8.0
S6E4 (On Your Marks) 8.5
S6E5 (Gauntlet of Fire) 9.0
S6E6 (No Second Prances) 8.5
S6E7 (Newbie Dash) 7.5
S6E8 (A Hearth's Warming Tail) 9.0
S6E9 (The Saddle Row Review) 9.5
S6E10 (Applejack's "Day" Off) 8.0
S6E11 (Flutter Brutter) 9.0
S6E12 (Spice Up Your Life) 8.0
S6E13 (Stranger Than Fan Fiction) 9.0
S6E14 (The Cart Before the Ponies) 7.0
S6E15 (28 Pranks Later) 7.5
S6E16 (The Times They Are a Changeling) 8.5
S6E17 (Dungeons & Discords) 7.0
S6E18 (Buckball Season) 9.0
S6E19 (The Fault in Our Cutie Marks) 8.5
S6E20 (Viva Las Pegasus) 9.5
S6E21 (Every Little Thing She Does) 8.5
S6E22 (P.P.O.V. (Pony Point Of View)) 7.5
S6E23 (Where the Apple Lies) 9.0
S6E24 (Top Bolt) 10
S6E25/S6E26 (To Where and Back Again) 8.5

Episode Score
S7E1 (Celestial Advice) 8.5
S7E2 (All Bottled Up) 8.5
S7E3 (A Flurry of Emotions) 8.0
S7E4 (Rock Solid Friendship) 9.0
S7E5 (Fluttershy Leans In) 8.5
S7E6 (Forever Filly)
S7E7 (Parental Glideance)
S7E8 (Hard to Say Anything)

Black Ops 2 MLP Emblems

I occasionally make emblems on Black Ops 2, and pretty much all of the time, they are pony-related. So enjoy!

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Now I have made my own OC! His name is Bell Ringer (so imaginative). So, yeah, this is what he looks like:

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