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My Little Pony Friendship Club: Star Friends (January 2016)

First weekend: Twilight Sparkle
Second weekend: Pinkie Pie
Third weekend: Pinkie Pie
Fourth weekend: Applejack
Final weekend: Fluttershy

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The one episode I will never watch

No Second Prances
Reason: Twilight acts out of character. She's the Princess of Friendship, and she tries to stop Starlight from becoming friends with Trixie? Yeah, the Princess of Friendship wouldn't try to prevent friendships, she would encourage them. Why Hasbro would approve of such a stupid episode is anybody's guess. Well done, Mr. Confalone. You've officially made the younger audience dumber, since they're gonna try and prevent a friend of theirs from becoming friends with someone else. I'm sorry, but no matter how hard anyone tries, nothing, and I mean nothing is ever gonna make me change my mind and watch this episode. Out of all the episodes in this show, I'll always be skipping this one. After all, I have the right to refuse watching any episode. Hopefully this'll be the only one.

No Second Prances summary - nonsensical version

DISCLAIMER: I have never looked at the No Second Prances article on the FiM Wikia in its original form, I have only viewed it through a translator because I don't want to make sense of this stupid episode.


Friendship castle, Twilight old rays of light from the stars is another lesson about friendship, which is to create a table without magic. Nevertheless, Starlight offers fast table with magic disappointment dusk light. Both are waiting for a visit to Princess Celestia informed about changes in Starlight.

When Starlight extra place at the table, Twilight explains that it is necessary to implement a new friend for dinner to show their progress. Starlight is required to meet new friends, jokingly suggesting "magical energy all the inhabitants of Ponyville friends enslaved."

New friend

Starlight revolves around the city to try a new friend. Ms. Pinky cake, but his attempt hit the magic cake wrong message. Starlight McIntosh Applejack introduces a more concise, but the use of magic that makes you angry lament Applejack. Rarity trying to help starlight in the treatment of horses makes a great dress, but will not be ready at dinner time the next dusk. Rainbow proposed measure Starlight Starlight Wonderbolts Spitfire, but I do not know who Wonderbolts. Fluttershy only two animal friends, but I do not think that what I had in mind dusk.

According to him, due to the increased intensity of starlight spa treatments in the spa Ponyville. There he meets a horse is also a city and is loaded with a dark past and is ready to finally meet someone who can relate.

Castle, Twilight is on the table. Suddenly Starlight, Twilight am happy to say that I have a new friend. Twilight action, in principle, to the stars, shows that the new girlfriend Trixie.

Second chance

After an exciting encounter with Twilight, Trixie explains that that gives a magical performance in emergencies in the tour "sorry" from Equestria. Twilight Starlight pulls away and expressing uncertainty Trixie and friendship because of his past. Twilight Starlight says the trust should be placed in the student days Celestia target and dusk made reluctantly.

Trixie scene for a long time without a ponytail looks suspicious, he had doubts about the value of a second chance. Hearing what he said, that the castle Twilight Trixie says contains Starlight wants to be your friend. When Starlight shows his feelings for Trixie admits that his actions were previously Twilight blind and wanted to hit something.

When the device shows Trixie Starlight, Twilight seems to friend Starlight alternatives, including allowing DJ PON 3 and Donkey Doodle cupcakes eccentric. Twilight offended by mistrust and unnecessary care, Starlight says he wants to be friends.

Soon Starlight and thoroughly discuss the program Trixie Trixie Trixie and wants to "mouth Manticore shot the moon" magic trick diving is dangerous, only previously obtained Assistant Hoofdini horse's performance. Is upset, try the same trick, but the artist Starlight assistant states that contributes to a more effective protection. Unfortunately, the program will Trixie dinner in the evening with Princess Celestia, under the stars with a difficult choice,

The show must go on

Castle friendship, Celestia comes to dinner Twilight, but Starlight Glimmer is yet to come. Twilight old DJ Pon-3 Doodle quirky and muffins and new friends Starlight donkey, but Celestia does not seem convinced. Desperate to talk at night, looking at the last scene of the stars of Twilight Trixie.

Twilight in the face of the loss of stars and dinner with friends Trixie, shows that this is not fully trusted. Trixie shows the price Enter Twilight Starlight only a small part. Despite Trixie said floating Starlight, convinced that no one wants to be your friend and mourn. Trixie tries to play, but Twilight understand that taking care of the death of her boyfriend.

Trixie in the program according to plan, but the delivery is flat and excited about his fight with the stars; independently of each other that it plans to launch a lunar feet Manticore for diving. On a nearby hill mourns Twilight starlight and apologizes for having to choose her friends for her. I understand that this is wrong, and it was Trixie Starlight should make their own decisions.

success and applause for the main stars of the art Trixie. Because the two onions, Starlight Trixie is presented as "a great and strong assistant and best friend."


Among the paintings Trixie and Starlight please hug. Trixie Twilight tries to apologize for her not to be trusted and to congratulate her on her performance. Trixie is done humbly apologize and praise Twilight, and the show ended with fireworks.

Section ends with dinner Celestia, DJ Pon-3, muffins and fantastic twilight darkness and become stars. irritability hair without asking Celeste stick.

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