General Darkmoon (Changeling tribe)

  • I was born on November 25
  • I am a Male Brony

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Main Character (Favourite)

Favourite Main 6 Ponies:
FANMADE General Darkmoon (Changeling tribe)'s Pony personality test

This is my Pony Personality Test

Twilight Sparkle (Element of Magic)

Applejack (Element of Honesty)

Rainbow Dash (Element of Loyalty)

Pinkie Pie (Element of Laughter)

Fluttershy (Element of Kindness)

Rarity (Element of Generosity)

Favourite Ponies (except Mane 6)

Additional, I have my own like ponies, there are 10 for the cutest background ponies, there are no why I like it:

FANMADE Toola Roola by artist-familyof6

Toola Roola, a pony from g3 to g4 MLP.

1. Amethyst Star

2. Twinkleshine

3. Lyra Heartstrings

4. Toola Roola (G3 to G4)

5. Fleur de Lis

6. Sea Swirl

7. Bon Bon

8. Minueete

9. Golden Harvest

10. Berry Pinch

Favourite Antagonists

Antagonists also my favourite, thought they are look evil :P

  • Queen Chrysalis
  • Nightmare Moon
  • King Sombra
  • Discord
  • Trixie

only well-know 5 rank.

1. Queen Chrysalis

2. Nightmare Moon

3. King Sombra

4. Discord

5. Trixie

Favourite Princess

Princess Luna are my favourite princess. According to the newest, Princess Molestia is best Princess! :D 

FANMADE Nightmare Moon

But I more like her when she was Nightmare Moon. :D

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