Hi, everypony, I'm Ismael Gomez. Although I'm not a brony, my friend Travis from also known as Travis the Arthur fan is one since he watches it a lot and his favorite character is Rainbow Dash. He is currently not watching it right now since he doesn't have a cable during Season 6 around June and is currently living at a group home and works as a janitor. He can watch it on DVD whenever he has time. Travis and I also make stories of My Little Pony and Equestria Girls on FanFiction along with some other shows most notably Arthur. Also, I don't watch the show a lot since I'm a fan of game shows such as The Price is Right. I am also a big fan of The Non-Adventures of Safety Queen and some other cartoons. I'm pretty sure that the show won't appeared on Jimmy Kimmel's This Week in Unnecessary Censorship.


  • Posting comments
  • Creating blogs
  • Doing exercise
  • Talking some friends


  • Vandalism
  • Rude comments
  • Bad users that are mean to me
  • Bad user editing my friend's page

Pony of the Month

Twilight Sparkle

Quote of the Week

"To infinity and beyond!"
— Rainbow Dash

My Friend's Favorite Actor

Ashleigh Ball

My Friend's Planning Episodes to Watch

  1. Uprooted
  2. Sparkle's Seven
  3. The Point of No Return
  4. Common Ground
  5. She's All Yak
  6. Sweet and Smoky
  7. Going to Seed
  8. Student Counsel
  9. The Last Crusade
  10. Between Dark and Dawn
  11. My Little Pony: Rainbow Roadtrip
  12. The Last Laugh
  13. 2, 4, 6, Greaaat
  14. A Trivial Pursuit
  15. She Talks to Angel
  16. Dragon Dropped
  17. A Horse Shoe-In
  18. Daring Doubt
  19. Growing Up is Hard to Do
  20. The Big Mac Question

My Friend's Planning Equestria Girls Shorts and Specials to Watch

  1. Music to My Ears
  2. Guitar Centered
  3. Hamstocalypse Now
  4. Pinkie on the Pinkie
  5. Player Piano
  6. Case on the Bass
  7. Shake Your Tail
  8. Perfect Day for Fun
  9. My Past is Not Today
  10. Friendship Through the Ages
  11. Life is a Runway
  12. Science of Magic
  13. Pinkie Spy
  14. All's Fair in Love & Friendship Games
  15. Photo Finished
  16. A Banner Day
  17. Make Up and Shake Up
  18. A Photo Booth Story
  19. Raise This Roof
  20. Steps of Prep
  21. Mad Twience
  22. Monday Blues
  23. Pet Project
  24. Subs Rock
  25. Shake Things Up
  26. The Art of Friendship
  27. The Canterlot Movie Club
  28. Leaping Off the Page
  29. Get the Show on the Road
  30. Epic Fails
  31. School of Rock
  32. A Fine Line
  33. Pinkie Sitting
  34. Queen of Clubs
  35. Overpowered
  36. The Finals Countdown
  37. Star Crossed
  38. My Little Shop of Horrors
  39. Display of Affection
  40. A Little Bird Told Me
  41. Super Squad Goals
  42. Fluttershy's Butterflies
  43. Text Support
  44. Driving Miss Shimmer
  45. Best Trends Forever
  46. Road Trippin'
  47. X Marks the Spot
  48. Aww... Baby Turtles
  49. The Salty Sails
  50. Lost and Found
  51. Too Hot to Handle
  52. Blue Crushed
  53. Unsolved Selfie Mysteries
  54. Friendship Math
  55. Turf War
  56. Last Day of School
  57. Outtakes
  58. Pinkie Pie: Snack Psychic
  59. Five to Nine
  60. So Much More to Me
  61. Stressed in Show
  62. Rarity Investigates: The Case of the Bedazzled Boot
  63. All the World's Off Stage
  64. Constructive Criticism
  65. Opening Night
  66. Happily Ever After Party
  67. My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Rollercoaster of Friendship
  68. The Other Side
  69. Reboxing with Spike
  70. DIY with Applejack
  71. The Art of Cookies
  72. Street Magic With Trixie!
  73. Sic Skateboard
  74. Street Chic
  75. Game Stream
  76. The Best in Show: The Pre-Show
  77. The Best in Show: The Victory Lap
  78. Schedule Swap
  79. Twilight Under the Stars
  80. Five Stars
  81. My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Spring Breakdown
  82. FOMO
  83. I'm on a Yacht
  84. Run to Break Free
  85. Camping Must Haves
  86. Festival Filters
  87. How to Backstage
  88. Festival Looks
  89. Five Lines You Need to Stand In
  90. My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Sunset's Backstage Pass
  91. Do It For the Ponygram!
  92. Find the Magic
  93. Wake Up
  94. The Last Drop
  95. Lost and Pound
  96. Accountabilibuddies
  97. The Road Less Scheduled
  98. My Little Pony Equestria Girls: Holidays Unwrapped
  99. Cheer You On

My Friend's Worst Episodes

  1. The Mysterious Mare Do Well
  2. The Return of Harmony Part 1
  3. The Return of Harmony Part 2
  4. The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 1
  5. The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 2
  6. Secrets and Pies
  7. The Break Up Break Down

My Friend's Favorite Ponies

My Friend can't decided what song does he like from the show.

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