aka The Duncney Fangirl!!

  • I live in Deca Homes, Cubacub, MC
  • I was born on August 25
  • My occupation is (still studying)
  • I am a girl

Hello fellow pegasisters and bronies! I am Iusedtolie. Just like my username,I used to lie. If you hate my comments or if you feel like I replied on your comment negatively,please do not react. Just talk it over to me. Thank you for understanding. I may not earn the Element of Generosity this days 'cause I'm still studying. Okay, since I know a lot of personal stuff about yourself, this is mine:

My real name is Chynna.

I have tons of stories that I like to publish some day.

I'm still 9. (Edit: My b-day was on Aug. 25,2015 and I'm now 10!)

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