Many of you might have known me as Ghostkaiba297 before, but I changed my name to KillRoy231 because I don't want to overshadow the Yu-Gi-Oh character Ghost Kaiba, and be the first thing people think of when they see the character. (I am a lot like Fluttershy sometimes)

Intro and favorite pony

I first started watching My Little Pony on September 18th 2011 at the suggestion of my friend Sir Tonikoos (known as Screwball on Everfree Radio), on the same day as I watched Hannibal Lecter for the first time.

My most favorite ponies are Rainbow Dash and Fluttershy (Rainbow Dash is cool, and both she and Fluttershy are really cute, Fluttershy more so than Rainbow Dash who gets second), although the rest of the mane six and Luna come close. My favorite background pony is Berry Punch, although Doctor Whooves is also cool.

My most favorite voice actor, incidentally, is Scott McNeil, who plays Chief Thunderhooves, Rover the Diamond Dog, and Flam. (The story of how he became my favorite VA is long, and was a direct result of recovering from the "disease" of people misjudging shows with a set of female protagonists, in this instance, Sailor Moon, because it led me to Monster Rancher where he does four distinctly different voices there, three of which are Moo's top male minions)

Also like the Dobson brothers, who as of Campfire Tales and the movie, have all done voices in MLP.

Mane 6

It's hard to choose favorites of the Mane 6 because I like all of them. First and last will be tied:

  1. Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash
  2. Twilight Sparkle
  3. Rarity
  4. Pinkie Pie
  5. Applejack (still like her)


Again, it's hard to choose between them

  1. Princess Celestia
  2. Princess Twilight Sparkle
  3. Princess Luna
  4. Princess Cadance (still like her)

Cutie Mark Crusaders

  1. Sweetie Belle
  2. Apple Bloom
  3. Scootaloo (not sure why she's lowest)


First 7 I really like, as villains (and one I'll like as a not-always-reliable hero now).

  1. Queen Chrysalis
  2. King Sombra
  3. The Storm King
  4. Nightmare Moon
  5. Discord
  6. Lord Tirek
  7. Pony of Shadows
  8. Cozy Glow
  9. Starlight Glimmer (I like her better reformed)
  10. Chancellor Neighsay

First six are high for their epic battles and sinister nature proving how intense this show can get, except Discord who is fun to have around.

I also removed Equestria Girls villains from this because I don't have much interest in it anymore except for Sunset, post redemption, as a villain on this life she would be below Neighsay, with only Principal Cinch below her. I'd put Gloriosa Daisy between Cozy Glow and Neighsay, Midnight Sparkle and Wallflower Blush between Tirek and the Pony of Shadows, and the Dazzlings between Discord and Tirek, I used to love their songs and kinda liked Aria and Sonata in their own way. I didn't include Juniper Montage or Vintage Vignette (is that her name?) because I haven't seen the episodes she was the villain of.

Pillars of Equestria

  1. Somnambula
  2. The rest of them (mainly undecided, they're all cool in their own way)

Young Six

  1. Silverstream
  2. Ocellus
  3. Gallus
  4. Smolder
  5. Sandbar
  6. Yona


  1. Sunny Flare (looks kinda cool and is kinda mysterious)
  2. Indigo Zap (reminds me of Rainbow Dash)
  3. Sugarcoat (how blunt she is in contrast to her name)
  4. Sour Sweet (is as her name implies, and I think tsundere)
  5. Lemon Zest (still like her, kinda)

I didn't used to notice them much until I did my own transcripts for the movies and villain episodes, plus Thanos's Black Order in Infinity War reminded me of them.


My favorite griffon is Gallus. Second is Gustave, though Gilda's reformed and we also have Gabby now


Favorite is Ember, then Smolder.


Ocellus, she's cute and reminds me of Fluttershy


Silverstream, she's more fun than Pinkie Pie has been lately. Second favorite is Sky Beak, coz Brian Dobson does his voice


Sunset Shimmer, easily

Favorite episodes

My top 20 favorite episodes are:

  1. The Beginning of the End
  2. The Cutie Remark
  3. Crusaders of the Lost Mark
  4. Frenemies
  5. Slice of Life
  6. Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep?
  7. The Ending of the End
  8. Twilight's Kingdom
  9. MMMystery on the Friendship Express
  10. Pinkie Pride
  11. Testing, Testing, 1, 2, 3
  12. Hurricane Fluttershy
  13. To Where and Back Again
  14. Stranger Than Fan Fiction
  15. Daring Don't
  16. Magical Mystery Cure
  17. Bats!
  18. Castle Mane-ia
  19. Buckball Season
  20. Read It and Weep

For the full episode order, see this blog. (Note: Largely un-updated from last time, there will be inconsistencies between that list and this one, take the one on this page as current)

Favorite songs

  1. Bats!
  2. The Gala
  3. We Got This
  4. The Place Where We Belong (now the new "Success Song" for me)
  5. Friendship Always Wins
  6. The Pinkie song that sounds like Beauty and the Beast
  7. We'll Make Our Mark
  8. Hearth's Warming Eve is Here Once Again
  9. Better Way To Be Bad
  10. The Magic of Friendship Grows (now the new "Love is in Bloom" for me)
  11. Pinkie's Lament
  12. Art of the Dress
  13. A True True Friend
  14. The Cutie Mark Song
  15. It's Gonna Work
  16. You'll Play Your Part
  17. Equestria Girls
  18. This Is Our Big Night
  19. The Heart Carol
  20. Pony Pokey
  21. Shake Your Tail
  22. Smile Song
  23. The Success Song
  24. Love Is In Bloom
  25. Winter Wrap Up
  26. Flim Flam Brothers song
  27. Big Brother Best Friend Forever
  28. Rules of Rarity
  29. Find a Pet song
  30. Becoming Popular

Episode rating

These have been moved to my blog.

On this wiki

I'll shorten this from what it said before. I used to get along well with most users here, until debates over the status of two villains caused some tension, and when people raging at Alicorn Twilight and making accusations toward Hasbro caused me to lose the positive energy the show once gave me, then I got into more disagreements with other users who are either annoyed by my interests or want Chrysalis and Sombra to live. Some of my comments and blogs have made me come across as "attention-seeking" even though it was not my intention, and some users here even think I'm on drugs (which, for the record, I'm not).

As for the positive, quite possibly my best friends here are:

There's no need to name users I got into disagreements with, and I wouldn't call any of them enemies. One of them seems to be a good friend now, but he really doesn't like other users mentioning his name. He probably knows who he is, let him know I count him on the list now

Now, the last time I expressed my honest opinion of something and searched for like-minded people, it didn't turn out so well. But, things seem to have settled down in that way so I have returned here, but will keep mention of Chrysalis, Sombra, villain defeats, tails, and blushing to a minimum. I am starting to feel part of the community again, and I think everything of the past has finally blown over.

Season 8

I loved Seasons 1-6, or at least most of them, and in Season 3 and 6's case, a good chunk of them. Season 7 wasn't great, but not terrible either, just meh. I didn't like most Season 8 episodes, but there were a few decent ones. I'd ignore the whole season if I didn't like Silverstream and Ocellus so much, but I have decided to acknowledge all of Season 8 EXCEPT the following.

  • Grannies Gone Wild - I could've put up with Applejack's overprotectiveness, but the idea that apparently none of the other Mane 5 can take a holiday every once and a while unless they make a deal for one of the others to substitute for them, and if Applejack's covering Rainbow's classes, who's covering Applejack's? Why don't they either cancel Rainbow's class for the day or do whatever they do when they leave and appoint Starlight [rincipal, or when the Cutie Map calls two of them out of the blue like Applejack and Fluttershy? And despite their deal, Applejack with her overprotectiveness essentially set Rainbow Dash up to not ride the coaster between telling her to not let them get too excited or out of her sight. Even though she did get to ride it in the end AND there was a tailbiting scene.
  • Non-Compete Clause - Rainbow Dash and Applejack regressed to being ridiculous with their competitiveness and almost got Yona killed, making Rainbow Dash as bad as Lightning Dust in this episode. This makes pranking Fluttershy look good.
  • Yakity-Sax - Reaffirmed by checking the comments just now, it seems so implausible and OoC that Pinkie Pie would fall into a depression about being unable to play an instrument (and she can play multiple instruments with no mouth!), and the solution which should have involved her either improving or playing out of earshot, since she was actively causing problems there. From the sound of things Equestria Games is Crusaders of the Lost Mark compared to it.
  • Father Knows Beast - Based on reception, it felt like a useless episode coz it rehashed the moral of Dragon Quest, while not giving any real clues as to Spike's origins. Also makes you question Spike's mental state and ability to question things.

Episodes I haven't seen:

  • Yakity-Sax - As mentioned above, will ignore from what I heard and general reception agreeing with my thoughts on it.
  • Father Knows Beast - As mentioned above, didn't seem like a good episode.

These are the episodes of Season 8 I truly found enjoyable: (any I found "all right" and such can be viewed on this blog)

  1. School Daze
  2. The Mean 6
  3. The Hearth's Warming Club
  4. What Lies Beneath
  5. Sounds of Silence
  6. School Raze

Though, Fake It Til You Make It and Horse Play have their moments too.

Other episodes I'm ignoring

  • 28 Pranks Later - Rainbow Dash pranking Fluttershy and Pinkie finding it funny. Maybe she could handle more harmless pranks by now, but the most frightening prank imaginable is definitely not one she'd find amusing. She was crying and hyperventilating, and Rainbow Dash cruelly scared her again. This is not the Rainbow Dash we knew from Hurricane Fluttershy. Pinkie used to appreciate how sensitive she was, why the change? (The whoopee cushion thing would be a bonus, but not anymore coz it was also included in The Last Laugh, which I won't ignore, so I can't say THAT isn't canon)
  • Going to Seed - Lazy writing that the other Mane 5 were too busy with the school 24/7 to help with a harvest planned so long in advance. I'm not buying it any more than the reason for You-Know-Who's return in You-Know-What (nothing MLP).

Undecided on The Last Problem, but Twilight and her friends seem perfectly fine with the arrangements and I read a fanfic on fimfiction I can put in my headcanon so Twilight won't live eternity without her friends, or even outlive them (nor does Discord have to outlive Fluttershy).

Equestria Girls

I'm not feeling a whole lot of love for Equestria Girls, except Sunset Shimmer. She's my only attachment to it, maybe Wallflower Blush too despite what she did to Sunset. (It's like she's Wave and Sunset is Tails) But I'm not going to ignore it entirely, just most of it except:

  1. Equestria Girls
  2. Rainbow Rocks - Easily my favorite of the first four.
  3. Friendship Games (didn't like it much but it is essential)
  4. Legend of Everfree - Wasn't perfect and threw away potential but did have some redeeming value for me.
    Obviously have to go with the first four, they're like the Sonic 1, 2, 3, and Knuckles
  5. Monday Blues - Awesome song, adorable Sunset moments, most notably the mirror and the kitten, and by the end of it she laughed about it and "saw only the sunshine"
  6. Pet Project - For Ray, he's adorable
  7. Forgotten Friendship - Again, I kinda like Wallflower, plus there's the interactions with Celestia, and Sunset did come out of it feeling stronger and more empowered than before.
  8. The Other Side - Aside from the song and Rarity looking kinda cool with the cape and everything, the part where she says "So I can get to the other, get to the other..." and doesn't even say "side" that time, I couldn't help but think of my second favorite villain, Thanos's servant known only as The Other
  9. Game Stream - Entertaining Sunset moments, and also I didn't know EG Fluttershy could be as cute as her pony counterpart. And despite Sunset's rage at the game she was still a really good sport to Fluttershy.
  10. Let It Rain - Once again a good song. I can kinda relate. I love Sunset, I kinda like rain too, and putting them together again of course reminds me of Monday Blues. And Wallflower returns, I didn't even know she did until today (probably should've seen this much earlier).
  11. Do It For the Ponygram! - Entertaining moments. Series finale for me, the other three didn't seem to have anything for me.

While Spring Breakdown will definitely NOT make this list, mainly for its portrayal of Rainbow Dash (even though yes, Sunset started out as a villain too), it did have one bit of redeeming value for me, Twilight mentioning the Storm King being "destroyed".

Sunset's Backstage Pass, despite the Groundhog Day time loop, once again they were repetitive with the villain pattern, and bringing back the Dazzlings (debunking my headcanon) seemed pointless coz they weren't reformed but weren't a threat either, their presence really served no useful purpose.

Holidays Unwrapped, there was a moment with Sunset but I don't think it was enough, though admittedly I haven't seen any other parts of it aside from a pic of their cornucopia costumes.

I also wanted to go with the Choose Your Own Ending, Inclement Leather, with the Vignette Valencia ending, if only because of the show, for the first time, lampshading a popular Rarity meme whose repeated instances past Season 1 show that they have the fans in mind. I found a gaping plot hole in Lyra and Bon Bon being in a different spot when the rain stops here as they are when it stops in Let It Rain, so it can't be canon, but that doesn't matter - in this case it's the thought for the fans that counts!


If you want to see my various headcanons, visit this page:


Many of them are death-related, but not all of them.

Other info

MLP is one of my favorite shows, but I'm not sure I can call myself a "brony" if I'm not hardcore enough to go to conventions or get the plushies and stuff.

I've also seen all episodes of G1, recognizing it is the most hardcore TV cartoon of its time because it has some dark villains, and actually killed some of them (most notably Tirek on both counts - he's how MLP began as a TV series!).

Before I discovered the show, I was always pessimistic, negative, and depressed all the time (nothing too serious though). MLP gave me positive energy that seemingly transformed me forever. Alas, this was not the case, as I reverted to my original self after the rage for Alicorn Twilight broke MLP's spell over me. (The most joy I'd ever felt for a long time was when Sombra was killed, until the status debate started) I also have an extreme intolerance for excessively long waits, which can drive me nuts (especially the Deathly Hallows), partially because I think I might die before something I'm waiting for that's years away, or else the world might end or collapse before then. I also have low self-esteem, am insecure about my unusual interests, and I'm getting old and increasingly tired.

On a positive note, I got to talk to Michael Dobson once. Cross my heart and hope to fly, stick a cupcake in my eye. (pinkiepie)

I waited 7 years to see Thanos and Chrysalis defeated, and they both did get their final fate in 2019. Now enjoying a life where I don't have to wait for that.

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