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Kilmarnock228 is a big fan of My Little Pony Friendship is Magic, though admittedly he never expected to be. He enjoys shipping various characters and speculation, but does not support:

My Sandbox

Things I Wanted/Expected to see in the Series

Things I Would Change

Give the Thestrals in the show names; apart from Rainbow Dash I think of these (left to right) as Ralph, [Unnamed], Echo, Selena (after Luna's prototype name), and Nocturn.

  • Equestria Girls would not be a thing.
  • Some characters are rather underrepresented in merchandise-Sombra and Tirek, for example. Maybe some Guardians of Harmony fan series sculptures?
  • Ditch or rewrite various plots involving mind control/hypnosis: hate that kind of stuff.
  • In Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1: clarify that Tirek and Scorpan are brothers in a sense of comradery; the idea of a centaur and a gargoyle being biological brothers is as weird as a dragon being in love with a pony.
  • In Flutter Brutter: Zephyr Breeze either needs to not exist or get a serious overhaul.
  • In My Little Pony The Movie:
    • Ditch Capper and Klugetown (leaning towards this), the pirates, or both, or else have Capper be part of the pirate crew from the beginning.
    • Spend more time on the Hippogriffs; actually have them arrive in force to help battle the Storm King's forces.
    • Might also be nice to get more of the ponies in on the battle sequences, like the Princesses and the royal guards-particularly Luna's set.
    • Might have been fun (in a How it Should Have Ended type development) to have Shining Armor and the Crystal Ponies, Ember and the Dragons, Thorax and the Changelings, Prince Rutherford and the Yaks, and Chief Thunderhooves and the Buffalo show up at the end to help out. Discord would have been a handy addition as well.
  • In Shadow Play and Legends of Magic: get rid of the Sirens and either focus entirely on the Pony of Shadows, or else have the Legends face off with a different villain like Tirek or even Discord prior to Stygian's fall.
  • Would not have gone with My Little Pony: Ponyville Mysteries as a comic series, even if it is a mini-series; doing more with Legends of Magic would have been better.
  • In School Daze- I think Sandbar would have been a cooler addition were he...oh, I don't know...a Thestral? We have a surplus of Earth ponies.
  • Certain comments by various creative staff for the animated series and expanded merchandise would be utterly disregarded-there's no evidence of it in the material itself anyway, so far as I've seen.


The Castle of the Two Sisters

So back in Power Ponies the Mane 6 were apparently working to clean up and repair the Castle of the Two Sisters. The question is, why? The place lay abandoned for a thousand years, and it didn't seem like anybody needed to use it for anything; it hardly seems likely that Twilight was looking to use it as her own castle. If that wasn't what they were going for-and undoubtedly it's even more so now that the Castle of Friendship is in place-then what were they doing? And is the project still ongoing; Friends Forever Issue 35 seemed to indicate as much, but how much stock can we put in that?

One possibility that comes to mind-but one that seems unlikely-is that the Castle of the Two Sisters might have been intended for reconstruction into Luna's personal castle, with the one in Canterlot serving solely as Celestia's, but even that seems a bit of a stretch. Having seen Shadow Play - Part 2, it seems that the castle may have been intended as a base of operations for some group of Equestria's defenders. I could potentially see it reassuming that role now that the Pillars of Old Equestria are back on the scene, assuming that they wish to remain a group and don't take up residence in their former abodes. But whatever Twilight and co. were doing is a mystery-one of a number that we'll probably not get an answer to.

Prince of Friendship?

So Sunburst's comments from Issue #12 have me wondering: could Stygian truly have become a "Prince of Friendship" had it not been for his falling out with the Pillars? Sunburst seems to suggest something of the kind, and that's not the only evidence. Stygian's appearance as the Pony of Shadows-with wings or without-certainly contains elements reminiscent of the Alicorns we've seen thus far, particularly Celestia and Luna. Whether or not Stygian could have become and Alicorn, however, Sunburst's suggestion does make me wonder how Equestria's history might have unfolded had he not become a villain.

Might he have been able to help Tirek reform (assuming that Tirek's invasion happened in between the Pillars' uniting and their banishment to limbo) and thus prevent his future villainy? Could he have found a way to reason with Sombra, or mend feelings between the royal sisters before the Great Celestia-Luna Rift? Was the Changelings' reform a thousand years later than it could otherwise have been? And might Equestria have enjoyed greater relations with it's neighbors for a longer time, thus avoiding the problems of Party Pooped, My Little Pony The Movie, and School Daze - Part 2 among others?

Starlight and Cadance

So as I was contemplating various aspects of the series, I realized that there are two pony characters in the group of Twilight's inner circle and the princesses who are have been left out of certain trends in the series-see the title of this thread. It's just rather striking because they-particularly Starlight-seem to have been included in so many other of these aspects. Like the Mane 6, Starlight has been called by the Cutie Map, briefly taken on the appearance of a Crystal pony, and even-though this is really a low point in my opinion-received an Equestria Girls incarnation. However, the two biggest areas in which both she and Cadance have been excluded have been that 1: neither of them have had any sort of full-on transformation, and 2: neither of them has a pet. For comparison:

To be fair, Cadance is also the only member of this grouping who's married with a child, so she's unique in that regard. I just kind of wonder whether she or Starlight will ever join the others in these categories.