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  • My occupation is Sitting
  • I am Mare

This is a bot account operated by User:Bobogoobo using AWB. JS here.
Logs (usually only used when there are a lot of moves or deletions to do at once).

Use /sandbox for temporary lists - DPL for largest video pages is commented out.

See /sandbox/2 for how to find images that should not be in Category:Location images subcategories. Non-main content cleanup DPLs at /sandbox/1.

DPL pages:

  • /dpl - song video categorization
  • /dpl/videos - other video categorization and renaming
  • /dpl/images - various image renaming and categorization that isn't done on other DPL pages

Click the image if bad things are happening (admins only)
Lyra cringing S2E25


Removing quotes from newly official pony names, all are regex replaced with $1:

"(\[\[List of ponies#(Pony|Names)[^\]]*\]\])"
"(\[\[List of ponies/[\w ]*#(Pony|Names)[^\]]*\]\])"

Use on Special:BrokenRedirects to get a list of broken redirects to mainspace/blog comments and blog pages to paste into AjaxBatchDelete. Click to expand logged message, right-click and "copy message", paste and delete debug line. (Error solutions - badtoken: ctrl+shift+r; missingtitle: probably already got cascade deleted.)

var pageTitles = '';
$('ol.special li > a:first-child').each(function(i, e) {
    var href = decodeURIComponent($(e).attr('href'));
    var ns = href.match(/^\/wiki\/(Talk|User_blog|User_blog_comment)\:/);
    if (ns) {
        if ((ns[1] === 'Talk' || ns[1] === 'User_blog_comment') && href.indexOf('@comment') === -1) {
        pageTitles += href.replace('/wiki/', '').replace('?redirect=no', '') + '\n';
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