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  • I was born on September 4
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Hello, mays here. I Aint no brony, but into steam engines I am. Hope to see you soon on the Island of Sodor.

I'm also a good fanfic writer having done over 50 of them.

#1. Mr. Conductor and the Princess

Early one morning, Princess Celestia was just waking up when one of her Guards entered.

"Guard, what is it" she yawned.

"Princess, there is a visitor here to see you" said the Guard.

"Send him in" said Princess Celestia stretching and getting out of her bed.

"Yes, Princess" said the guard.

As he entered, she gasped.Tears formed in her eyes.


"Please don't go, John" said a sad Princess Celestia.

"Yes, we don't want you to go" said Princess Luna sadly.

"I'm sorry but they need me over at Shining Time Station" said John.

Princess Celestia started to cry as did her sister.

"I will be back someday" said John in a sothing tone.

This made them smile.

"Will be waiting then, our friend" said Princess Celestia.

With that he steped into the portal and was back in his world.

"Now what do we do?" sighed Princess Luna.

"Return to are royal duties" said Princess Celestia.

"Right" said Star Swirl the bearded.

(Flashback ends)

"John, is that you" she said sadly.

"It is old friend, but you can call me Mr. Conductor if you want. Whatever works for you" said Mr. C.

She trotted up and they hugged tears ran down her face.

"I've missed you a lot" she said sobbing.

"So have I, but it's alright now, i'm back" said Mr. C kindly.

This made her stop crying.

"What made you want to come back?" asked Princess Celestia.

"Ever since I left for Shining Time Station I always thought of how much I missed you, so I decided to return and left my American cousin take over for me" said Mr. C.

"Welcome back" smiled Princess Celestia.

(Shining time station theme with MLP:FIM Intro starts)

"So when can I meet your student and her friends?" asked Mr. C.

"I can call them up" she said.

So she sent a letter, soon they were there.

"Hi Celestia, who is he?" asked Rainbow Dash.

"An old friend of mine" said Princess Celestia.

"How old?" asked Twilight Sparkle.

"Old enough" replied Mr. C.

This made them chuckle.

"What is his name?" asked Rarity.

"His name is John" she said.

"But you can call me Mr. Conductor" said Mr. C

"Nice to meet you Mr. C" said Spike.

"Oh, Sis" came a voice.

It was Princess Luna, as she entered she gasped and stared in shock, tears formed in her eyes.

"Long time no see, John" said Princess Luna.

Mr. C turned and smiled.

"Well if it aint, Princess Luna" said Mr. C.

She ran up and they warmly hugged.

"You don't know how happy I am to see you right now" cried Princess Luna.

soon they broke the hug.

"What do you want sis?" asked Princess Celestia.

"You know I forgot" said Princess Luna drying her tears.

"So you six what are your names?" asked Mr. C.

"I'm Rainbow Dash" said Rainbow Dash.

"Um... My name is Fluttershy" said Fluttershy.

"Hi, I'm Pinkie Pie!" exclaimed Pinkie Pie.

"Howdy, names Applejack" said Applejack.

"I'm Spike" said Spike.

"I'm Rarity" said Rarity.

"And I'm Twilight Sparkle" said Twilight.

"So is this your student?" asked Mr. C.

"Yep" said Princess Celestia.

"She must be a good student" said Mr. C.

"Do you have any skills in magic?" asked Spike.

"Of course, although the stuff I know is way different then what you guys know" said Mr. C.

"Can you show us?" asked Twilight.

"Very well" said Mr. C.

Then in a shower of gold dust he was gone, every pony gasped, even Princess Celestia was surprised.

"Oh, my" said Princess Celestia.

"Did he just vanish!" exclaimed Princess Luna.

Then in another shower of gold dust he appeared behind Twilight Sparkle.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Twilight Sparkle.

"Cool, how did you do that?" asked Spike.

"By gold dust" said Mr. C.

"What is gold dust?" asked Spike.

Mr. C then pulled out a pocket watch.

"Look at the time, I have to go but I will be back" said Mr. C.

"Where are you going, darling?" asked Rarity.

"To the Island of Sodor, I have a meeting to attend there" said Mr. C.

He disappeared. Later Twilight Sparkle was at her house doing research, but after a while she started getting frustrated.

"There is nothing on Mr. C, The Island of Sodor, or gold dust!" she said in frustration.

"Have you tried every book?" asked Rarity.

"Yes!" She snapped.

Then in a show of gold dust Mr. C appeared behind Rarity.

"Hi" said Mr. C.

Rarity jumped scared.

"Sorry" said Mr. C.

"What is the island of Sodor?" asked Spike.

"It's an Island of talking trains" said Mr. C.

"Talking Trains?" asked Rarity.

"Impossible, trains can't talk" said Twilight Sparkle.

"Nothing is impossible, unless you stop believing in it" said Mr. C.

"Sure" said Twilight rolling her eyes.

"Do you three like stories?" asked Mr. C.

"Yes" said Spike.

"Then I'll tell you about, Thomas" said Mr. C.

"Is he a friend of yours?" asked Rarity.

"Yep" said Mr. C.

"Can you tell us about him?" asked Twilight Sparkle.

"Very well, this is a story about my friend Thomas the Tank Engine" said Mr. C.

He pulled out a whistle and blew it.

(Steam comes to start the story)

A few minutes later.

(Steam comes to end the Story)

"Good story, Mr. C" said Spike.

"Indeed" said Rarity.

Then there was a knock on the door.

"Who is it?" asked Spike.

"Tis I Luna, can I come in?" asked Princess Luna.

"Come in" said Spike.

So she entered, Spike, Rarity, and Twilight bowed as she entered.

"What are you doing here, Luna?" asked Mr. C.

"I was wondering if you wanted to spend some time together" said Princess Luna blushing faintly.

"Sure" said Mr. C.

Spike then gasped silently.

"Princess Luna has a crush on Mr. C" thought Spike.

So they set off, when they left Spike told Rarity and Twilight Sparkle.

"So you think Princess Luna has a crush on Mr. Conductor" said Rarity.

"Yep" said Spike.

Meanwhile Princess Luna took Mr. Conductor to the Sugar Cube Corner.

"Oh, Princess Luna, what a surprise" said Mrs. Cupcake.

"I know it's unexpected" said Princess Luna.

"Who is that with you?" asked Mrs. Cupcake.

"Names Mr. Conductor" said Mr. C.

A few minuets later.

"Thanks for visiting" said Mr. Carrot Cake.

As they left Mr. C spoke.

"So you were banished to the moon for 1,000 years" said Mr. C.

"Yep" said Princess Luna.

"Do you and your sister like stories?" asked Mr. C.

"We do" said Princess Luna.

Soon they were talking to Princess Celestia.

"Sure, a story right now would be good" said Princess Celestia.

"Indeed it would" said a voice.

"Mr. C this is Kibitz, my royal scheduling advisor" said Princess Celestia.

"How do you do, Mr. C" said Kibitz.

"Let me tell you a story about Edward" said Mr. C.

"Who's Edward?" asked Kibitz.

"You don't know Edward" said Mr. C.

"Nope" said Princess Luna.

"Then this is a story about Edward" said Mr. C.

(Pulls out his whistle and blows it)

(Steam comes to start the story)

A few minuets later.

(Steam comes to end the story)

"Hmmm a very interesting story, Mr. C" said Kibitz.

Later Mr. C was talking to Rarity.

"so you make your own clothing" said Mr. C.

"Yep" said Rarity.

"What do you think about my outfit?" asked Mr. C.

Rarity looked at the outfit, and felt the fabric of it.

"It's ok, but could do with a bit of style in a few places" said Rarity.

"It's getting late" said Mr. C.

"See if Twilight has a place for you to sleep tonight" said Rarity.

So he went to ask Twilight Sparkle, soon he arrived at the door to the Golden Oak Library he knocked on the door and Spike answered.

"Hey, Mr. Conductor what brings you here for?" asked Spike.

"Can I stay here tonight?" asked Mr. C.

"Let me see if it's alright with Twilight" said Spike.

He left but soon returned.

"She says it's alright" said Spike.

"Thank you" said Mr. C.

As he walked in Twilight came up.

"Is teleporting all you can do with this Gold Dust?" she asked.

"Nope, but I don't want to talk about it" said Mr. C.

They soon went to sleep, next day Mr. C was talking to Applejack.

"Hey, Mr. C want to meet my family?" asked Applejack.

"Sis" came a voice.

It was Apple Bloom.

"Hey sis, who is he?" asked Apple Bloom.

"allow me to introduce myself, Mr. Conductor at your service" said Mr. C.

"Nice to meet ya, names Apple Bloom" said Apple Bloom.

So Applejack took Mr. C to see Big Mcintosh. soon they found him.

"Hi, Applejack, Hi, Apple Bloom, who is he?" asked Big Mcintosh.

"You may call me, Mr. Conductor" said Mr. Conductor.

"Howdy Mr. Conductor, names Big Mcintosh" said Big Mcintosh.


"You have a crush on Mr. Conductor!" said Princess Celestia surprised.

"I do" said Princess Luna.

Princess Celestia thought.

"Please let me be with him" begged Princess Luna.

"Alright" said Princess Celestia.

"Oh, thank you sis" said Princess Luna.


As Mr. C was talking to Steamer, Princess Luna appeared on a flying chariot.

"We need to speak to Mr. C in privet" said Princess Luna.

Once they were alone.

"Mr. C...we...we" stuttered Princess Luna.

"Yes?' asked Mr. C.

She then went up and kissed him, when she broke the kiss Mr. C was stunned.

"I love you, Mr. C" said Princess Luna blushing.

"I love you to" said Mr. C.

(End theme to Shining time station starts)

Mr. C to the rescue

(Theme to Shining Time Station starts)

Yesterday Princess Luna confessed her love to Mr. C, which he admitted his love for her back. Princess Luna was in her room reading.

"Interesting" she said.

Meanwhile in Ponyvile, Mr. Conductor was told the Mayor Mare wanted to meet him. Soon he saw her at the Sugar Cube Corner.

"Your Mr. Conductor right?" she asked.

"Yep" said Mr. C.

"Splendid, names Miss Mayor Mare" smiled Mayor Mare.

"Nice to meet you" said Mr. C.

"Same here" said Maryor Mare.

Then Sweetie Belle came up.

"Hi, Miss. Mayor Mare, who are you talking to?" asked Sweetie Belle.

"The names Mr. Conductor" said Mr. Conductor.

"Nice to meet you, Mr. Conductor" said Sweetie Belle.

Then All Aboard came up.

"Hey, All Aboard what brings you here?" asked Mayor Mare.

"Wanted to meet Mr. Conductor" said All Aboard.

"Well here I am" said Mr. C.

"Can you tell stories?" asked all Aboard.

"Yep, all railway men have stories to tell" said Mr. C.

"Can you tell us one?" asked All Aboard.

"Alright. I remember the time Henry the big green engine was scared of the rain and decided to stay in the tunnel" said Mr. C.

"Henry, who is he?" asked Sweetie Belle.

"I was just about to tell you" said Mr. C.

(He blows his whistle and the story, Come Out, Henry begins)

A few minuets later.

(Steam comes to end the story)

"Oh, wow" said All Aboard.

Then Silver Spoon came up.

"Who are you? and why is this blank Flank here?" she asked.

Sweetie Belle just rolled her eyes and frowned.

"I'm Mr. Conductor" Said Mr. C.

"Nice to meet ya names Silver Spoon" said Silver Spoon.

Mr. C pulled out a pocket watch and checked the time.

"Is that the time!" he exclaimed.

"Do you have to be somewhere?" asked All Aboard.

"Yes, aint railroad work great" said Mr. C.

"I agree with you" smiled All Aboard.

He disappeared in a shower of gold dust. The other ponies gasped.

"Cool" said Sweetie Belle.

"For once I have to agree with you" said Silver Spoon.

Later Spike was talking to Zecora in her hut.

"How have you been Zecora?" asked Spike.

Then Mr. C appeared in a shower of gold dust.

"Woa!" exclaimed Zecora.

"Hi, Spike" said Mr. C.

"Who are you?" asked Zecora.

"Mr. Conductor is my name" said Mr. C.

"My name is Zecora, and i return your greeting. A fine beginning to are very first meeting" said Zecora.

"Sorry if i starteled you" said Mr. C.

Zecora smilled. Soon it was time for Spike and Mr. C to leave.

"It was nice meeting you" said Mr. C.

So they set off, later Mr. C was watching Rainbow Dash flying in the sky when Cheerilee came up.

"You, Mr. Conductor?" she asked.

"Yep" said Mr. C.

"I'm Cheerilee" said Cheerilee.

After talking for a bit.

"So you want me to come to your class and finish the Story of Henry?" asked Mr. C.

"If you arn't busy" said Cheerilee.

"Sure, i can come by" said Mr. C.

The next day Sweetie Belle and the other students were entering the Ponyvile School House. They were told by Sweetie Belle the Sad Story of Henry.

"Talking trains, what a joke!" remarked Diamond Tiara.

The bell rang, and Cheerilee started class.

"Morning class, today we have a special visitor, i'm sure Sweetie Belle told you a story right" said Cheerilee.

"Yes" called the class.

"So lame" said Diamond Tiara.

"Then let me introduce you to are visitor" said Cheerilee.

Then in a shower of gold dust stood Mr. C, the class gasped.

"Y...your not here to hurt us are you?" asked a Shaking Dinky Doo.

Mr. C laughed.

"Dear me no, my name is Mr. Conductor" said Mr. C.

Dinky Doo felt better.

"Hi, Mr. Conductor!" called the class par Diamond Tiara who could care less.

"Your here to tell us how Henry got out of the tunnel, right?" asked Twist.

Diamond Tiara rolled her eyes. Mr. C saw this.

"Yes. But first i have to find my whistle" siad Mr. C.

[he looks in his pockets for his whistle and finds it]

"Ah! Here we go" said Mr. C.

[he blows his whistle and steam comes to start the story]

A few minnuets later.

[Steam comes to end the story]

The class clapped their hoofs.

"Thanks fer the story, Mr. Conductor" said Apple Bloom.

Soon class was over.

"I must go now" said Mr. Conductor.

"Bye, Mr. Conductor!" called the class par Diamond tiara again.

He left in a shower of gold dust, later he was talking to Rainbow Dash.

"Glad you could hang out with me" said Rainbow Dash.

"No problem" said Mr. C.

Then Pinkie Pie came up looking more happy then normal.

"Hi, guys" said Pinkie Pie.

"Why do you look so happy today?" asked Mr. C.

"Maud is visiting the family farm" said Pinkie Pie.

"Maud?" asked Mr. C.

Then they heard a dead pan voice.

"Sis?" said the voice.

It was Maud Pie, she came up to them.

"Who are you?" asked Maud in her deadpan voice.

"The names Mr. Conductor" said Mr. C.

"Nice to meet you, names Maud Pie" said Maud in her deap pan voice.

"I thought you were heading to the family farm?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"I am, want to come?" asked Maud pie to Mr. C and Rainbow Dash.

"Sure" said Rainbow Dash.

"Ok" said Mr. C.

So they set off, soon they were there.

"A Rock Farm?" asked Mr. C.

Then Pikie pies father Igneus Rock came up.

"Vho sy he?" asked Igneous Rock pointing to Mr. C.

"My names Mr. Conductor" said Mr. C.

"Nice to meet thou, I am called Igneous Rock Pie, son of Feldspar Granite Pie" said Igneous Rock.

Then Cloudy Quarts came up.

"Hi Rainbow Dash, Hi Pinkie, Hi Maud, Vho sy he?" she asked pointing to Mr. C.

"My name is Mr. Conductor" said Mr. Conductor.

"Nice to meet thou, Thou shalt wot me as Cloudy Quartz" said Cloudy Quarts.

Then Two ponies came up, one looking stern and the other shy.

"Who are you?" they asked.

"My name is Mr. Conductor" said Mr. C.

"Nice to meet thou, names Marble Pie" said Marble Pie.

"Gaze into the eyes of Limestone Pie. Ma and Pa may own this rock farm, but I keep it running. Cross me and— " said Limestone Pie before being interrupted.

"Aye aye, Captain Grumpy! No one's gonna mess with your precious mine!" said Pinkie Pie.

"Or Holder's Boulder!" gripped Limestone Pie.

"[sighs] Best stay away from Holder's Boulder, Mr. C. There, you happy now?" said Pinkie Pie.

Then Pinkie had an idea.

"Mom, Can I show Mr. C around the farm?" asked Pinkie Pie.

"Sure dear, thou can" said Cloudy Quartz.

So the tour started, the first place she took Mr. C was the rock fields.

"So this is were you worked when you were a filly" said Mr. C.

"Yep" said Pinkie Pie.

Later as Mr. Conductor was talking to Igneous Rock.

"How has the Train station been?" asked Mr. C.

"Ve try to up keep it, Vhen ve can" said Igneous Rock.

"MUD SLIDE!" shouted Marble Pie.

They turned around and gasped. A huge mud slide was heading for them.

"This is bad" said Limestone Pie.

Then Mr. C heard a call for help.

"Help!" came the voice.

Mr. C looked and gasped.

"Maud Pie is stuck in the mud slide!" exclaimed Mr. C.

"Oh, dear" said Marble Pie.

Then Mr. C spoke up.

"I'll save her" said Mr. C.

"How will you save her?" asked Marble Pie.

"Rainbow Dash go get the others" Mr. C said to her.

She nodded and set off.

"Help!" called Maud again.

Mr. C then disappeared in a shower of gold dust. The others gasped.

"Oh, mine" said Igneous Rock.

Soon he was floating near Maud Pie. Who was holding on to a rock, he could tell she was scared seeing the look on her face.

"Grab my hoof!" called Mr. C extending his hoof out.

She reached up and grabbed his hoof, at that moment Twilight and the others arrived.

"What is Mr. C doing!" exclaimed Spike.

"Hold on!" said Mr. C.

Then they disappeared in a shower of gold dust.

"Where did they go?" asked Rarity.

"Don't wot" said Limestone Pie.

Then they appeared in front of them in a shower of gold dust covered in mud.

"Way to go Mr. C!" cheered Pinkie Pie.

Mr. C smiled then passed out on the ground.

"MR. C!" Exclaimed Apple Jack.

"Oh; my" said Fluttershy.

The others gathered around him; hours later he awoke on Twilight Sparkles bed.

"He's, awake!" said Spike.

Twilight, Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy, Rarity, Applejack and Pinkie Pie gathered around Mr. C.

"Where am I?" asked Mr. C.

"My, home" said Twilight Sparkle.

"We brought you here after you passed out from saving Maud Pie" said Fluttershy.

"After we cleaned you up of Corse" said Rarity.

Then Mr. C thought.

"How is Maud Pie?" asked Mr. C.

"She's fine, a bit shaken up" said Spike.

Mr. C smiled, then Spike belched up a scroll from his mouth via his magical fire breath.

"It's from Princess Celestia" said Twilight.

Twilight used her magic to unravel the scroll, Spike then Began to read it.

'Dear Mr. C,

I'm pleased to hear about your rescue of Maud Pie. That is why I have spoke to some towns ponies and have agreed to let you live at the Ponyvile Train Station.

Your's truly,

Princess Celestia'

They smiled.

"That was kind of her to do that" said Rarity.

"I agree" said Pinkie Pie.

"I just wonder who could have started that mud slide" said Spike.

"At least it was not my evil twin" said Mr. C.

The next day, Mr. C, Spike, and the main 6 where at the Ponyvile Train station.

"Todays the day" said Spike.

Then Princess Luna and princess Celestia arrived on a flying chariot, it landed and they got off.

"Good to see you all here" said Princess Celestia.

Soon Mr. C was shown his home.

"On top of the Train Station" said Mr. C.

"Yep" said Spike.

"Thanks you guys" said Mr. C.

As they hugged, 2 figures were watching them.

"I will soon get you back, Rainbow Dash" said Figure #1.

"And soon my twin, it will be you and me and I shall win" chuckled Figure #2.

(End theme to shining time station starts)

Double Trouble

That night as every pony was sleeping in their beds, the 2 figures from earlier were talking to each other.

"In the morning; we send them soaring. In the air; without a care" said Figure #2.

"To much work" said Figure #1.

"Then what is your idea, Gilda?" asked Figure #2.

"I don't know, Evil Mr. Conductor!" Gilda snapped.

"Don't snap at me; or ill turn you into a he" said Evil Mr. Conductor.

The next morning as Rarity was heading out her door to get the morning newspaper, as she opened it a bucket of mud fell on her head.

"Who did this!" she called.

She got the bucket off her head, then looked at the bucket and saw a bit of gold dust.

"MR. CONDUCTOR!!" she yelled before slamming her door in anger.

Gilda and Evil Mr. Conductor were chuckling from a bush nearby.

"Good one" Gilda chuckled.

"Thank you" laughed Evil Mr. Conductor.

They left from the bush.

"More tricks?" asked Gilda.

"Yep" said Evil Mr. Conductor.

By noon the rest of the main 6 par Spike were cross. They each had been pranked.

"I say we teach Mr. C a lesson" said Pinkie Pie.

The others agreed, but Spike spoke up.

"Aren't you guys taking this way to seriously?" asked Spike.

"No" said Rainbow Dash who still smelled of sardines after a bucket of them fell on her.

"Well I think your jumping the fence a little" said Spike.

"Now that I think about it your right Spike" said Fluttershy.

So they went to see Mr. C, soon they found him sitting under a tree reading.

"Hello" said Mr. C.

He could tell they were not happy.

"Something wrong?" asked Mr. C.

"You bet there is" said AppleJack.

So they explained what happened to them.

"Oh" said Mr. C.

"Did you pull these prnks on us?" asked Rarity.

"No i'd never pull these types of mean prnks" said Mr. C.

"Your sure?" questioned Fluttershy.

"Yes" said Mr. C.

"Then who did?" wondered Spike.

Mr. C spoke up.

"I think a story should calm you guys down" said Mr. C.

"What is it about?" asked Twilight Sparkle.

"It's about the time Thomas got to pull his first passenger train" said Mr. Conductor.

"Sound's interesting" said Rainbow Dash.

"Oh it is, shall we begin" said Mr. C.

'Pulls out whistle and blows it'

(Steam comes to start the story)

A few minuets later.

(Steam comes to end the story)

"Your a good story teller" said Rainbow Dash.

They left, later Mr. Conductor was with Princess Luna and Princess Celestia eating.

"So how have you been, Mr. C?" asked Princess Celestia.

"Good" he said.

Later as Spike was walking along a black cat ran out in front of him from a bush.

"Whoa!" exclaimed Spike falling back into a puddle of mud.

Then Spike saw a familiar figure come out of the bush.

"You've been tricked that's no doubt; very soon your friends shall shout. 'Laughs'" laughed the figure.

It then disappeared in a shower of gold dust. Spike was stunned.

"Oh, Mr. Conductor, why" Spike said quietly.

He got up and set off, when he got back he told the others what happened.

"How could Mr. C do such a thing" said Rarity.

"He has done it this time" sniffed Rainbow Dash.

Then Mr. Conductor appeared in a shower of gold dust,

"Hi" said Mr. C.

"Why, Mr. C" said Rarity.

"Why, what?" questioned Mr. C.

"You know what you did" said Pinkie Pie.

"What did I do?" asked Mr. C.

So Spike told him what happened.

"It was no me, and how could I when I was having lunch with the Princess's" said Mr. C.

"You're the only one we know that uses gold dust" said Twilight.

"You sure it was me you saw?" asked Mr. C.

Spike nodded. Mr. Conductor looked hurt. Then a rock broke through a window and landed in front of them.

"There's a note tied ta it" said Applejack.

"Mr. C read the note.

'to Rainbow Dash;

Come to the entrance to the Everfree Forest, and all your question's will be answered'

"Who's it from?" asked Rarity.

"No name" said Mr. C.

So they set off par Mr. C, soon they arrived at the destination.

"So your here at last" said a voice.

A figure steeped out of the shadows, Rainbow Dash gasped.

"What are you doing here, Gilda!" snapped Rainbow Dash.

"Like I would tell a loser like you" said Gilda.

They charged toward each other, then Mr. C appeared in a shower of gold dust.

"Stay away you" said Mr. C.

"What a lame tone of voice" said a second voice.

Then they gasped as another shower of gold dust appeared before them.

"What's going on!" exclaimed Spike.

Then a figure stood before them.

"Who are you?" asked Rarity.

"He's my evil twin" said Mr. C grimly.

"Evil Mr. Conductor at your service" grinned Evil Mr. C.

"He pulls good pranks" said Gilda.

Then it hit them.

"Wait, then" said Rarity.

"Yep, those pranks were done by me; I have more tricks just wait and see" said Evil Mr. Conductor.

Then he disappeared.

"Later, dweebs" said Gilda before taking off.

Spike and the others were stunned.

"How is this possible?" asked Fluttershy.

Then they saw Mr. C with his head down.

"Mr. C, we..." said Spike.

He got no further as Mr. Conductor disappeared in a shower of gold dust.

"Oh, my" said Fluttershy.

Later Spike, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Rainbow Dash, and Fluttershy were at the Golden Oak Library. They felt ashamed.

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