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Vehicles (another meta-page) or would Transportation be better?

There are a variety of vehicles that make appearances in the series. Although most of the time ponies travel "by hoof" (or wing, for pegasi), various carts and carriages allow transporting larger loads or modes different than those available to a particular pony.


It's interesting to note that a pegasus pony pulling a cart or carriage can not only lift the vehicle into the air behind it, but fly or even hover with the same ease as an earth pony pulling a similar grounded cart. There seems to be an even distribution of force over the vehicles entire structure instead of just to the harness.


  • Twilight Sparkle's balloon (title sequence, Fall Weather Friends, Sonic Rainboom)
  • Aerial carriage (FiM1)
  • Royal Carriage (FiM2, Swarm of the Century)
  • Apple cart (Applebuck Season)
  • Hay Wagon (with Gramps; Boast Busters, Feelink Pinkie Keen)
  • Moving van (Feeling Pinkie Keen)
  • Gem cart (A Dog and Pony Show)
  • Train (Over a Barrel)
  • Stretch carriage (Green is Not Your Color)
  • Magic-created apple carriage (The Best Night Ever)

Other transportation

  • Roads make for easier travel, and cross not only the vicinity of Ponyville but extend into the Everfree Forest.
  • Two ponies have exhibited an ability to "wink out" (aka teleporting): Nightmare Moon and Twilight Sparkle. Both did so during their confrontation in the second episode. Twilight also winked out during the episodes The Ticket Master and Applebuck Season.
  • Princess Celestia "fell out of the sky" during the episode Feeling Pinkie Keen.
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