Mega Sean 45

aka Scruffy Whiskers the Cyclops

  • I live in on Planet Earth
  • I was born on September 16
  • My occupation is YouTube and writing
  • I am Pizza

Sup brahs? The name's Mega Sean 45! Founder and owner of Shroom Films currently on YouTube. I less then three the MLP series! I started watching since A Friend in Deed episode came out. Spike's my favorite character! And after Ponyville Confidential, I made my own OC pony named Crimson Flare Gun. I even made my own fanfic about him, except it's no longer a fanfic - they're now separate stories in a brand new universe! Got FIM to thank for making this!

You wanna see my main character list for each episode? Click here! or if you wanna see each rating I have for each episode, click here!

Or, feel free to check out my my luxury office filled with my own pages! (Currently under construction)

Alot of comments I've been seeing around here contains "I hope", "I want", or "I think". Gonna keep track on every comment that says those three things, and see how many times people say them before the next season comes!

  • I can't wait: 28
  • I hope: 94
  • I think: 71
  • I agree / agreed: 60

  •  :D means I'm happy!
  • D: means I feel bad.
  •  :P means I'm kidding with you.
  • c: means I'm saying something bad about me.
  •  :) means that I'm being serious and friendly
  •  :c means I'm upset.
  • >:) means I'm being evil!
  • >:c means I'm angry
  •  ;) means either I'm being a wiseguy, a show-off, or I'm flirting with you
  •  :3 means the same as the winky face except I'm not flirting with you.
  • ^_^ I dunno what this means, I just type it!
  • I make jokes more than I should. If it's insulting, please let me know, cause I have no idea.
  • I do make alot of theories, and they're pretty good!
  • I predicted alot of season six already! ;)
  • I pronounce Lord Tirek's name like "Tie-rek".
  • I am easily amused!
  • Did I mention I joke more than I should?
  • The Character appearances page is mah territory! Don't go messin' with mah territory!
  • It's either me or Prince Goldstreak that pretty much own the Forum:Speculation/Statistics page! :3
  • I treat everybody on this wiki exactly the same - respectful, I treat them all like friends of mine, but I like messing with them and I'm not afraid of expressing my opinions (admin or otherwise)
  • TheGuineaPig45 and I are related since we both have the same last name! :3
  • I know that Guildmaster once said "would you kindly?" He thinks he's Atlas! XD
  • Merry May is best BG pony!
  • And Apple Cobbler is the worst.
  • I think Spike and Smolder are long-lost siblings, separated when Spike was just an egg; and I also think it was Scorpan that bought Spike's egg to Princess Celestia, as a nod to Spike and Scorpan's friendship in G1! Whether it happens or not, this would be an amazing path for the writers to take!

  • MegaSean45 - My main YouTube account! Check out some of my Half-Life machinimas like Scanner-Life or Combine Rampage! Or if you perfer a let's play style series, check out What if I was Master Chief!
  • ShroomFilmsBonus - Bonus YouTube account! Check out some bonus videos of Scanner-Life and Combine Rampage, or check out the bases I made in Garry's Mod on Base Tours! Also have a great collection of HL Mod walkthroughs!
  • Flare Gun - If you wanna see my pony related stuff like wannabe Weird Al parodies of MLP music, here is where you should go!

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