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I'm Soap Shadow and I joined the wiki on August 16, 2013. I'm also known as Soap, Soapie, Soapy, Soap Shad, Shad, Shadow, by users which know me on this wiki, however feel free to call me what you like. My birthday is on the September 18th. I'm currently a Discord Operator on the MLP Wiki Discord and am also part of the Discord HypeSquad (HYPE).

I'm mainly on the MLP Discord and don't edit much. My favourite pony is Rainbow Dash, and you can probably see that by now.

My Sig: T5Dli9X.png Soap Shadow · Talk 

My Best Friends

  • Thundermare AKA Thundy, T-Marey, Marey and just Thunder - She's an awesome friend to have and is really caring tbhtbh. But, she does make my blood boil and drives me crazy or insane, just makes me want to arghhhh. But but still an awesome friend! (h)
  • Smith B. - Another great friend to have, but be warned, you'll die with his constant punny comebacks outranking your comebacks although they do steal them from someone else. Other than that, they're just a foo :^)
  • Shadowgallade7777 AKA Shad, Shaddie - A cool and friendly user, at times we can have very silly arguments :P. Oh, he also likes to be pushed into swimming pools :^)))
  • Princess Iris AKA Kool, Iris - Iris is such a friendly person and is a true princess. She can be sassy at times tho (smug).
  • Callofduty4 AKA Cod, Cod4, Feeshy - One of my first friends on Wikia. They're a kind and helpful person. My to go to person when I need help tbh (mostly programming related stuff).
  • TimelessPeople - How can I forget my first friend on Wikia. Thanks for welcoming me to the world of Wikia and being my first friend!

This thing is still incomplete, I'll slowly add more as I come up with good summaries to write :^)

Random Poem

Here's a random poem I created lately:
The Sun
A little shine in my eyes,
is it time to rise.
A little darkness in my eyes,
is it time for the night.
Where is the light,
i'm slowly losing my sight.
Please don't bring the night,
I need a bright life.

Sig Requests

I also make sigs for users here, so if you would like a new sig, leave a message on my talk page.
Here is some help of how you can request a sig.

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