aka Suneo Honekawa

  • I live in a world of my own
  • I was born on July 6
  • My occupation is artist?
  • I am a weirdo
Fluttershy and Pinkie pleasantly surprised S6E18

My favourite, and second favourite
Sex Female
Residence Bangladesh
More info
Eyes Brown
Hair Black
Skin Olive
Nicknames SD
Hi. I'm Suneo. I usually edit "international version" pages and add songs or links of different languages here. I like MLP and besides bronies I am a part of the Harry Potter and Doraemon fandoms. That's all. See ya.


Pointless facts about me

  • I am in the 9th grade
  • My favourite food is pizza
  • I have three older siblings and they all bully me but I know they love me coz Im so ADORABLE
  • My favourite thing in the world is Doraemon
  • Second favourite thing is Harry Potter
  • Third favourite thing is ponies
  • I think both human and pony Fluttershy is cute
  • I love Harry Potter-my favourite book series in the world
  • Most people heartily dislike Equestria Girls, but its more or less bearable to me. The first and third film were full of plotholes though, and seemed very weak and boring for me. But I liked Rainbow Rocks and Legend of Everfree.
  • I love to watch bronies react
  • My favourite Youtuber is LittleshyFiM
  • I make Doraemon-pony crossovers all the time on the Doraemon Fanon Wiki
  • I will think of some other facts later
  • I don't know why the heck you are still reading this
  • You are wasting your time if you are STILL reading this
  • Nope, nothing else to write. Goodbye
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