A lifetime career goal for me has always been wanting to lift up little girls. I feel like society has contempt for girls and little girl things. When athletes are performing badly their coaches call them ladies, or when somebody is being weak they say they're crying like a little girl, that's contempt. When somebody's trying to describe something as stupid or lame they say it's for little girls or only a little girl would like that, or when something is pink or full of rainbows and hearts people jump to the immediate conclusion that it's dumb, and if adult men are liking that sort of thing there's something wrong with them, because there's something contemptuous and unworthy about girl things and being a girl.
We live in a society where saying that something is for girls is the equivalent to saying that something is stupid, or saying that something isn't worthwhile. I think that's awful and I think that kind of attitude needs to be changed.
Lauren Faust

I had worked with Lauren before on Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends, so that’s how I knew her, and how she knew my work to bring me on to the show. That’s how I got involved. I knew it would be good because she’s super talented, and cared so deeply about making it really good. It was really important to her that there be a show for girls that had really strong stories, and characters, and really meant something. That was her primary goal, and that was my goal when I came in to write the episodes was to deliver what she expected and what I expected of myself, as far as quality and good storytelling.
Meghan McCarthy

I feel like people can't tell the difference between the shows I worked on and the shows I didn't work on. That all that work really wasn't worth it. Sorry.
– Lauren Faust on the fans' perceptiveness of her contribution to the show

Shetland, 'cause it's very compact for their size, they can carry a lot and they're a very intelligent breed. Shetland is the best pony.
– Max Gilardi, in response to the question "Who is best pony?"
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