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Hello anonymous user, my old friend.

I'm Thundermare, better known as Mare, Thunder or Thundy. I used to be a moderator of the MLP Wiki Discord, though I'm no longer active there or on the wiki. I also used to make minor (mostly image related) edits and patrol the RC whenever I could (although I was too slow compared to the rollback ninjas). Also an amateur weeb and SleepIsForTheWeak activist.

The first episodes of MLP I watched were Fall Weather Friends and The Mysterious Mare Do Well, which were okay episodes though not the best ones I've seen. I finally got into the show after watching a few YouTube videos and A Canterlot Wedding, which I still find a lovely episode.

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Firstly first, I consider everyone a friend whether they see me as one or not. I might make jokes about anyone but that doesn't mean I don't like the person. I can't dislike someone for long even if I want to.

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