aka VA Bobby G.

  • I live in Ooooooooooooooklahoma where the wind comes sweeping down the plaaains!!
  • I was born on August 16
  • My occupation is Youtube Voice Actor
  • I am Male

About Me

Hello everyone, I am Bobby Gulley or Bobby G. :) I love to draw, make new friends, watch movies, read books and a lot of stuff. ^^I mostly do voice acting and fanart. I am known as Voice Actor Bobby on my Youtube channel and I do fandubs on many Tumblr blogs, including Ask King Sombra and Ask Scissor Twilight. I also voice Conner the Savior in the Walking Dead Motion Comics by The Walking Bread.

Favorite Episodes

  1. Twilight's Kingdom - Part 1 and 2 - My all-time favorite episode! It was well written, epic, enjoyable, and a great way to end one of my personal favorite seasons. Lord Tirek was a great villain and Twilight gets some epic development here, as well as Discord. ^^
  2. The Beginning of the End - Part 1 and 2 - My second favorite but it did come close to beating Twilight's Kingdom. Where should I start!? The villain team-up is such an awesome concept, Discord is great in this episode, King Sombra's return was super epic (I also like his new voice! :D), the other major villains have great chemistry, and .... oh there is so much more to talk about in this episode. It's everything I ever wanted to see in the show! <3 I love love love this episode, always and forever. ^^
  3. Frenemies - A fun episode with great chemistry between Lord Tirek, Cozy Glow, and Queen Chrysalis! I adore this episode for its own villainy charm and since I am a big villain fan, this episode was a real treat personally for me that I found the villains on this show more interesting and enjoyable than the main protagonists. Overall, a fantastic and fun episode. ^^
  4. The Return of Harmony Part 1 and 2 - This is the episode that made me become a full-on brony. Discord was an awesome character and a fun villain (before he was reformed later on). Plus, John de Lancie was a perfect choice for his voice. He is Q all the way. xD
  5. The Crystal Empire Part 1 and 2 - This episode is like Lord Of The Rings with ponies! Even though it suffers from some minor flaws, like the 'fake' crystal fair scene went on too long and it was kinda rushed. But hey its a 40 minute two-part episode so they did their best! ^^. This episode was fantastic. King Sombra was awesome and a personal favorite! Even though he doesn't show up much or rarely speaks, he is one intimidating figure to be feared.
  6. School Raze Part 1 and 2 - I have to admit. I was very worried and nervous about this episode. I was worried this will be bad and will be the episode that will jump the shark for me. Thank god was I wrong. This finale was actually good and enjoyable and that is a huge sigh of relief. I really like the conflict in this episode and the reveal of our new big bad. I consider Cozy Glow to be the smartest villain in the show and she's a filly for god sake! xD However I used to have a theory that Cozy is not a filly, but an adult with a rare disease called phypoplasia. Used to make sense. Lol. Until Season 9, that is. LOL One of my favorite MLP villains Lord Tirek, finally comes back in this episode and I love how he is portrayed here. He is Hannibal Lector all the way! Great voice work by Mark Acheson. His voice always gives me chills down my spine. Neighsay also returns in this episode and I love that it shows he was not evil at all. His redemption is actually believable and I am not a huge fan of villain redemptions. Neighsay is an exception. ^^ The ending gives me chills and it gets me excited for what Season 9 is going to bring. ^^
  7. A Canterlot Wedding Part 1 and 2 - This two-parter finale to Season 2 was another example on how to end a season for a TV show. It was action-packed, suspenseful, and it has my personal favorite song in my opinion: This Day Aria. Plus, the changelings and their Queen were well designed and a great threat to Equestria.
  8. Discordant Harmony - My personal favorite episode of Season 7 thus far and one of my favorite Discord episodes. This was also the cutest episode of the entire series and also one of the funniest.
  9. The Summer Sun Setback - Another Season 9 episode that I really enjoyed and fun to watch! ^^ The villains are back but this time, they share a separate plot story with our heroes and what follows is so fun! Also, Discord is back in this and he's always a joy to watch! ^^
  10. The Mane Attraction - This episode was a great send off for its writer, Amy Keating Rogers. Lena Hall did a beautiful job as Coloratura and this has one of the best songs in the series in my opinion. Great work Amy! ^^
  11. The Perfect Pear - A beautiful and heartwarming episode which is also one of the saddest episodes as well. We finally learn about Applejack's parents in this episode. I love how this episode touched upon the subject of death without even mentioning it. Plus, I felt so bad for Grand Pear. I just wanna give him a huge hug! Kudo's to William Shatner's great performance. ^^ A great episode for the Apple Family! :D
  12. Sounds of Silence - In this episode, the Map called Applejack and Fluttershy for a second quest and this one is fun and enjoyable. The Kirins are awesome! I love their designs and their culture. I love Autumn Blaze. She is beautiful, funny, sweet, and cute. Rachel Bloom did a fantastic job on her voice. ^^ The song is amazing as well, the best in this season IMO. Overall, it was a good episode. It even helped me create a new OC on Pony Town named Shadow Mark the Kirin. xD
  13. The Last Problem - A great way to end the series. Love every moment of this episode, even if it was a bit underwhelming. However, it served its purpose and it is a great sendoff for the characters we followed for 9 seasons straight! ^^
  14. A Royal Problem - An episode I been wanting since I first became a Brony, a Princess Celestia and Princess Luna episode!! The relationship between Princess Celestia and Luna is done perfectly here and Starlight Glimmer becomes even more likable! ^^ Plus, I love the design on Daybreaker!
  15. Luna Eclipsed - Even though she is overrated, Princess Luna is my favorite princess due to this episode. I love how she hates Nightmare Nights because it gives her all the horrible memories of her past and when she was Nightmare Moon. It makes me feel sorry for her and for Princess Celestia as well. The one flaw in this episode is that Pinkie was a bit ... annoying in this one. But hey, she is still Pinkie Pie. xD
  16. Make New Friends But Keep Discord - Discord gets jealous when Fluttershy gets a new friend to take to the Grand Galloping Gala. So he brought the Smooze to the Gala and boy was it entertaining. Plus, never make Discord angry. LOL He needs to chillax. Tree Hugger was a good character as well in this.
  17. Dungeons and Discords - A very funny episode and a great Discord episode. ^^ Plus, I love his interaction with Spike and Big McIntosh. :)
  18. Three's a Crowd - Discord has a song and it was the funniest moment in the entire show! This episode always gives me a chuckle because of Discord's trolling to Twilight and Cadance. xD Also ... Discord has a Q virus!!! D: That was intended to be a joke. LOL
  19. Amending Fences - I feel so bad for Moon Dancer. She is one of my favorite characters because she was intended to be what Twilight Sparkle would become if she has stayed in Canterlot and not make any friends. Moon Dancer deserves a big hug! ^^
  20. The Ending of the End - Part 1 and 2 - I wish I can put this episode much higher, but this episode is not without its flaws, most especially the twist that Grogar is Discord all along! *Sigh* However, this episode also has its amazing moments, such as the Legion of Doom and epic scenes. :)
  21. Shadow Play - Part 1 and 2 - A good finale to Season 7.  The pillars are very interesting,  a amazing flashback cameo from the Sirens, Stygian is a great new character and I cannot wait to see more of him, Starswirl finally appeared in the show, the Pony of Shadows was a good villain, and I'm excited to see what the next season will bring! ^^ 
  22. The Cutie Re-Mark - Part 1 and 2 - This was fun to watch! Seeing all of the alternate universes which shows what happens if the villains in this series won is amazing and clever. The only flaw in this episode was that Starlight Glimmer's redemption was rushed and was easily forgiven by our heroes even if she almost destroyed space, time, and continuum. xDD But at least Starlight redeemed herself for me in later seasons.
  23. The Hearth's Warming Club - To be written
  24. Do Princesses Dream of Magic Sheep? - This was such a wonderful episode. Princess Luna gets more development and finally lets go of her memories of the past and defeat the Tantabus that she herself created to punish herself.
  25. The Cutie Map - Part 1 and 2 - This episode introduces one of my favorite characters, Starlight Glimmer. Nuff said. xD
  26. To Where and Back Again - Part 1 and 2 - This was a good finale for Season 6. Queen Chrysalis came back with a brilliant plot to capture almost all of our heroes and take over Equestria with her army of Changelings. It was up to Starlight Glimmer, Trixie, Thorax, and yes ... even my favorite character Discord !! :D I love the interactions between the former antagonists and thank goodness they did not reform Queen Chrysalis here. ^^
  27. Slice of Life - This episode is the love letter to the brony community and I don't understand why some people hated this episode. Sure it has fan-pandering but hey, they did it in a good way. The background ponies were funny and enjoyable. My two favorites are Lyra and Sweetie Drops.
  28. Keep Calm and Flutter On - Discord returns in this episode after he was imprisoned again in the Season 2 opener and this time, he was going to be reformed by Fluttershy. This episode was very cute and this was one of the episode we see Discord actually cry. D:
  29. Pinkie Pride - Wow!! I did not expect they will get Wierd Al to guest star in MLP. Though he has been featured in a lot of cartoons lately so I can give him that. Pinkie Pie was portrayed very well in this episode and I love good character development! Cheese Sandwich was a great character as well and this was Pinkie Pie's best episode!!
  30. Crusaders of the Lost Mark - Spoiler Warning!! There is a plot twist in this episode. Sure we finally see Diamond Tiara get character development and her redemption, but the CMC finally get their cutie marks!! I went crazy and almost teared up when they were showing flashbacks of their adventures in the show. It was so great!
  31. Read It and Weep - This episode relates to me a lot. There is a movie which I thought would suck which is the live-action version of The Jungle Book. However, I urged myself to watch it see if it was going to suck. After the movie, I actually loved it. It stayed true to the animated movie and the same can be said when Rainbow Dash does not like reading books, up until she reads the Daring Do books. It was a great episode!
  32. No Second Prances - Starlight Glimmer redeemed herself in this episode and I can totally relate to her so much in this episode. I too have trouble making new friends because of my autism and I meet someone who my parents did not trust. However, I helped her become a better person and she and I are good friends. This is similar to Trixie and Starlight here. ^^ Trixie was also handled well in this episode. If only Twilight Sparkle have not been so protective. xDD

Least Favorite Episodes

  1. Yakity-Sax - Oh good god... *Sigh* This is not a good episode for me. In fact, I will consider this the worst episode of the show so far. Pinkie Pie is so out of character here and I don't like the way she is portrayed here at all. Even the ending didn't make any sense. I don't understand the moral here. She is allowed to continue playing the "yovidaphone" even though earlier in the episode, she was causing trouble while playing it. When her friends tell her to stop... she becomes very depressed about it and even when her friends tried to cheer her up, she wants nothing to do with them and she leaves Ponyville without saying goodbye. I'm sorry but that is bad writing IMO. Pinkie Pie is a funny, charming, and an awesome character who I can totally relate to. She's energetic and fun and will do anything to make ponies smile as it always brightens up her days. Even in her most serious episodes, she will still find a way to make ponies happy and smile no matter the cost. In this episode, when her friends tried to cheer her up .. she remains depressed over a stupid instrument! Pinkie! Seriously your better than this! Ugh! >.< The only positive thing I will say about this episode is that it was nice to see a callback to "Party of One" with the return of Pinkamena. Other than that .. I do not like this episode in my opinion. Its the worst of the season and the worst of the show thus far IMO.   
  2. The Cart Before the Ponies - This episode was a big disappointment. Rarity, Applejack, and Rainbow Dash are annoying here sadly and there were not many redeeming qualities that can save this episode. 
  3. Applejack's "Day" Off - The reason is that the plot was kinda generic and boring and not a lot of memorable things happened. It was slower paced if that was the intention they are going for. But other then that, this episode was not my cup of tea.
  4. Spike at Your Service - This episode was not a good one to be honest. Spike acted very out of character here and was very clumsy here. The saving grace in this episode are the Timberwolves and the final act of the episode so I won't consider this my least favorite episode.
  5. The Mysterious Mare Do Well - There is a lot of people who hated this episode for many reasons. While I agree that this episode has flaws and I mean big flaws, the only redeeming quality about this episode is the superhero jokes, Rainbow Dash is sometimes cute here, and Scootaloo. ^^ The rest of the episode is generic and that most of the main characters are out of character.
  6. Party Pooped - The yaks almost declared a war of the ponies .. even when they tried to impress them but keep failing. Now that's going too far!! That is why Prince Ruthorford is one of my least favorite characters in the series. Thank goodness Pinkie Pie was the saving grace in this episode and I love the comedy in this!
  7. Filli Vanilli - In my opinion, this was the weakest episode of Season 4, my personal favorite season. The song "Got The Music In You" was a bit overplayed and Pinkie Pie was very horrible and out of character here. Big McIntosh was a saving grace here.
  8. Honest Apple
  9. The Hooffields and McColts - This is not an awful episode. I do like some of the new characters here (especially Big Daddy McColt, he's hilarious!! xD) and Twilight Sparkle and Fluttershy share an episode together! Awesome. But my main problem with this episode, in my opinion, is that the story was done many times before and it gets boring after a while. xDD
  10. Putting Your Hoof Down - I don't hate this episode because Iron Will is hilarious and I love Fluttershy's different personality here. But I don't like how the most characters here were assholes in this episode, especially Angel Bunny.
  11. What About Discord? - Similar to Putting Your Hoof Down and Dragon Quest, I do not hate this episode. But I do consider this to be the weakest Discord episode and he is my favorite character in the whole show. While there are several funny jokes here, and a good moral; the main flaw in this episode is that the Mane Six were a little out of character and Discord is mean-spirited here. He is a fantastic character which is why he is my favorite, but this episode made him act as an antagonist again after his true reformation and great character development in the Season 4 finale. This would have been a better episode if it were aired earlier, like in Season 4 was Discord is still learning about friendship there.

Favorite Characters

Bios will be written as to why I love these characters! ^^

  1. Lord Tirek - Will explain in the villain section.
  2. King Sombra - Will explain in the villain section.
  3. Discord - Discord is the main reason I became a full-on Brony back in 2011. His character is a lot of fun and John De Lancie did an amazing job on his voice. ^^ He is the god of chaos, meaning he can literally do anything. He is also a trickster and he can take out his enemies with just one snap of his claws. There is a reason why he is so powerful yet he also has flaws and weaknesses. He is a great character and I love his interactions with his friends and messing with them from time to time. Even when he was an antagonist, he was still entertaining back then. xDD He was once my favorite villain before King Sombra and Lord Tirek took his place and thus, he gets the higher place as being my favorite character in the show! That is... until Season 9. Discord has done some awful things in Season 9, even if it were for good intentions. So I am a bit conflicted with him currently.
  4. Cozy Glow - I will explain why I love her in the villain section. ^^
  5. Queen Chrysalis - My favorite female villain and I explained why I loved her in the villains heading down below!
  6. Princess Luna - Ahh good ol Princess Luna. Like many other fans, I consider her my favorite Princess of the series but I still loved Princess Celestia as well. I love her dark backstory, character development, personality, and she can be a badass when she wants to be. I love how she tried to befriend ponies but some don't trust her because she was once Nightmare Moon. This can really get Luna to fall into depression. A great character and a good mother-figure to the Cutie Mark Crusaders as well. Plus she can enter dreams!! That is awesome!!
  7. Fluttershy - My favorite Mane Six pony. It was once Twilight, but the honor now goes to Fluttershy lately! Fluttershy is sweet, kind, and she does care for her friends and her animals. She is so kind that she even reformed Discord. I can relate to her so much! She initially started off as a very timid and shy mare before becoming more assertive to help her friends and achieve her goals. :D She also has the best development out of the Mane Six ponies in my opinion! All the others have great development, but Fluttershy just stood out to me the most! Hehe! :D I love her so much! ^^
  8. Adagio Dazzle - My second favorite female villain and I explained why I loved her in the villains heading.
  9. Tempest Shadow - To be written
  10. Princess Celestia - My second favorite Princess. I love that she was a mother-figure and mentor to Twilight Sparkle and I will love to know more about her and her backstory. There is more to Celestia then meets the eye. xDD
  11. Autumn Blaze - To be written
  12. Twilight Sparkle - My second favorite Mane Six pony and also my third favorite Princess. She is smart, nerdy, and a good princess! Plus, I love Tara Strong's performance!
  13. Rainbow Dash - My third favorite Mane Six pony. She is loyal, tough, and awesome. And it really shows in this show. I can really hang out with this pony and we can have a great time. xDD No pun intended here.
  14. Pinkie Pie - My fourth favorite Mane Six pony. Despite being hyper and crazy, Pinkie Pie is a good friend to the others and will do anything for them if necessary. I relate to her as well because Pinkie wants to make others smile and brighten up their days. I wanted to make people smile as well anyway I can!
  15. Applejack - My fifth favorite Mane Six pony. Applejack is strong, loyal, and hardworking who will do anything for her friends and family.
  16. Rarity - My sixth favorite Mane Six pony. Though she is low on the list for my favorite Mane Six ponies, she is not a bad character. She is actually a fantastic and wonderful character. Rarity is beautiful, generous, and she has a good taste of fashion.
  17. Starlight Glimmer - A lot of bronies downright hate this character and I have friends who are not fans of her ether. The reason for this is because she was portrayed as a weak villain to them and that she has a rushed redemption and horrible backstory. Personally: I have no problems with Starlight Glimmer; however I do admit: she was weaker then the other major antagonists we have in this show. But other then that, I do like that we have a normal pony as a major villain for once. LOL As a redeemed character, she's fine in my book. I do relate to her sometimes with trying to impress people and disappointing people. That is true in real life. It happens to me and its tough to go through. Even with a weak backstory and rushed redemption, she made up for it for some good episodes like A Hearth's Warming Tail, Every Little Thing She Does, To Where And Back Again, Celestial Advice, and All Bottled Up. I like Starlight and I am sticking to my opiniooon! 
  18. Spike - The main male protagonist. Spike is a baby dragon who is the assistant and roommate to Twilight Sparkle. I will love to see Spike's backstory and culture explored more in the show. Plus he saved the Crystal Empire twice!! He truly is a brave hero!
  19. Princess Cadance - My fourth favorite Princess. Despite being low on my list, she was pretty, kind, caring, and a great Princess. Britt McKillip did her justice and she has an amazing singing voice! My only problem with her is that she should be Queen by now since the Wedding and when Flurry Heart was born. Hasbroooooo!!!! *Flips table*
  20. Shining Armor - The older brother to Twilight Sparkle and husband to Princess Cadance and father to Flurry Heart. I hope we see more of him because he is funny, kind, and he is very protective. Like Princess Cadance, my problem with him is that he should of become King Shining Armor instead of Prince Shining Armor when he married Princess Cadance, become the co-ruler of the Crystal Empire, and when Flurry Heart was born. Despite this, he is a good supporting character.
  21. Moon Dancer - Aaaw Moon Dancer. <3 This is a brilliant character. I love that the creators intended her to be what Twilight Sparkle would become if she has stayed in Canterlot and not make any friends. She is one of the most sympathetic characters in the show and I really feel sorry for her that I wanna give her a big hug.
  22. Stygian -
  23. Star Swirl -
  24. The Storm King -
  25. Coloratura - Lena Hall did this character justice!! I love her so much and she has the most amazing singing voice in the show thus far.
  26. Radiant Hope - One of the best comic characters in my opinion! I hoped that she was in the series but sadly that will never happen. xD Radiant Hope is King Sombra's childhood friend who helped redeem him in the comics. I hope we see more of her in the comics.
  27. Big MacIntosh - Eeyup! xDD He is awesome, funny, and is so hard-working. A great family member to the Apple Family. And I LOOOVE his relationship with Apple Bloom. <3
  28. Sonata Dusk and Aria Blaze - They are tied in the 28th spot. They are great two henchman of Adagio Dazzle. I like how both of their personalities are different and they constantly bitter. Plus, I like to think that Sonata Dusk is the evil Pinkie Pie. xDD
  29. Scootaloo
  30. Sweetie Belle
  31. Apple Bloom
  32. Flurry Heart
  33.  Screwball
  34. Cheese Sandwich
  35. Daring Do
  36. Ahuizotl
  37. Zecora
  38. Sunburst
  39. Spitfire
  40. Tree Hugger
  41. Zipporwhill
  42. Trouble Shoes
  43. Iron Will
  44. Garble
  45. Grogar - Will explain in the villain section.
  46. Steven Magnet
  47. Gloriosa Daisy
  48. Sweetie Drops
  49. Lyra Heartstrings
  50. DJ Pon-3
  51. Octavia Melody
  52. Doctor Whooves
  53. Derpy
  54. Minuette
  55. Lemon Hearts
  56. Twinkleshine
  57. Larry

Favorite and Least-Fav Villains

  1. Lord Tirek - My personal favorite villain! Where do I begin with this guy? He is based on the G1 character of the same name in the TV special, My Little Pony: Rescue at Midnight Castle. He was great in G1 but his G4 counterpart is definitely awesome as well. He already became my most favorite villain because of how evil and badass he really is, plus he is one of the best-developed antagonists in the series.He also has an epic fight scene with Twilight Sparkle and it was one of the best moments in the series. Kudos to this baddie! Also, Mark Acheson is awesome. He is even great in his return in Season 8's finale and the rest of Season 9 as well! He is now my new favorite character in the series recently. :D
  2. King Sombra - Sombra was a great antagonist IMO. Let me explain why. First of all, I love that he was a complete mysterious character and we don't know much about him, which makes him much more threatening. Second of all, he is one of the evilest villains on the show alongside Lord Tirek. Lord knows what he did to the Crystal Ponies during his reign. Does he ever torture those who disobey his orders? Plus he is the embodiment of darkness and fear, something you will not expect for a show intended for little girls. The same thing with Lord Tirek and Queen Chrysalis ^^ His return in Season 9 is also very epic. ^^ He finally faces off with the Mane Six and Discord himself! His overconfidence though has led to his third defeat. Poor guy. xDD But he was still a fantastic villain in both Season 3 and Season 9 and is still my number one favorite villain in the show! :D And one more note about Sombra, he is a lot of fun to voice personally for me. xD *Wink wink nudge nudge*
  3. Queen Chrysalis - My most favorite female antagonist in the series and there is a reason why. She is the leader of the changelings and like Tirek and Sombra, she is never reformed (thank god). I love how smart she is and she easily almost took over Equestria, twice! Kudos to this villain!
  4. Cozy Glow - I love this character! She is such a psychotic and evil filly and its very entertaining to watch! Sunni Westbrook did a wonderful and fantastic job with her voice and I love her design too. She can switch between cute and kind-hearted.... to mean and nasty! And it's awesome! We get more of her in Season 9, joining the other villains led by Grogar. Her true motive is to use friendship against our heroes. She will even get rid of all the magic in Equestria to get what she wants. That is devious and smart, even for this filly. 
  5. Discord - When he was evil in Return of Harmony. He is one of the funniest villains in the show, but also the most manipulative. He can take out his enemies with just one snap of his claws. Plus, kudos to John De Lancie for his amazing performance! Even when he is reformed, he is still a very entertaining character and that is why he is my most favorite character in the show. :) The best-reformed antagonist.
  6. The Storm King - The main villain in My Little Pony: The Movie. He was a fun villain but I wished he was more threatening and had more screentime. He would of been more memorable. ^^ However, Liev Schreiber did a great job voicing him! :D
  7. Adagio Dazzle - My favorite Equestria Girls antagonist. I'm not counting Aria Blaze and Sonata Dusk because I have seen them more as lackeys, but they are also enjoyable too. Adagio is the most cunning, manipulative, and my personal favorite of the Dazzlings. I can't get enough of her evil smirks, her voice, and her wickedness in general. She is that awesome! 
  8. Nightmare Moon - One of the more complex antagonists in MLP:FIM, alongside Discord. As the first antagonist in the series, she still poses a threat to Equestria for bringing eternal night. She is the dark side of Princess Luna as well. She is an awesome baddie.
  9. Starlight Glimmer - When she was evil in Season 5. I really love her as a villain in the Season 5 premiere. I love that we finally have a regular unicorn pony as a major antagonist and she was a good antagonist! Stealing cutie marks and wanting to start a utopia where everypony is equal!! That is extreme! xD But then the Season 5 finale came. At first, I thought it was awesome that a major villain returns to seek revenge on Twilight by traveling back in time and to change the future!! But when she quickly reforms after we learn her backstory, I, like most other Bronies, was very disappointed. We already had too many reformed antagonists and its getting very repetitive and old. Oh well, at least she was not bad as a supporting character in later seasons, even becoming one of my favorites. However, as a villain, she became one of the weakest antagonists in the show, considering how she had so much potential. D:
  10. Grogar - Probably one of the more disappointing antagonists in the show and he had so much potential to be a great villain! The way he acted in S9 and how he is one of the only villains not to underestimate the Mane Six, it was a great change of pace and it's cool we finally have a big bad antagonist. Plus, his design is so awesome and it was cool we get another revamped G1 villain! Sadly, that's not the case in the S9 finale, where it is revealed to be Discord in disguise all along and the fact that the real Grogar is a posthumous antagonist instead and we never truly got to see the real him. That sucks man! D: Still I do love the mystery surrounding the real Grogar. :) Too bad we never got to see the real Grogar. He may have been a great villain in the past. :P
  11. Stygian/The Pony of Shadows - This guy reminds me of Venom from Spider-Man. He is another complex and interesting villain just like Nightmare Moon. He was once a scholar named Stygian who formed the Pillars together to saved Equestria from evil. However, Stygian wanted to be a pillar-like them and so he took the artifacts and went to PoneHenge to make his own copies of the artifacts. The pillars cast him out for it and so he discovered the Hallow Shades and the darkness promised him great power beyond anything he can imagine. So they become one and Stygian became the Pony of Shadows! Now I do wish that the Pony of Shadows/Stygian was a little more threatening and he was not that interesting. But oh well, what can you do. xD
  12. Sunset Shimmer - When she was evil in the first Equestria Girls movie. She is similar to Nightmare Moon for me. As the first villain in the movie, she appears like your typical teenage bully. But when she gets a hold of the crown, she turns into BEAST mode! Her defeat is no different then Nightmare Moon's but I won't complain. At least she became one of the fan-favorite reformed characters. ^^
  13. Principal Cinch - I could not really get into her, even if I tried. But like Gaia, she does have a cool villain song. xD However, after watching Friendship Games for the sixth time .. I am starting to think that she is very underrated and there is a reason why. I actually really liked her design and I like that fact that she is the first Equestria Girls antagonist to be from the human world rather than a threat from Equestria. Other than that, she is okay. ^^ Not my favorite antagonist but if they bring her back and make her more interesting .. then she will go higher on the list. :P
  14. Gaia Everfree - This baddie reminds me of Poison Ivy from Batman. Seriously, she does!! A business man tries to run her out of business! Gee, where did I hear that before!? She becomes corrupted and can control plants. Oh my, where did I hear that before!!? xDD But yeah, she is not a bad antagonist at all, but she was kinda weak in my opinion. She has a cool design and a reason to be evil, but she was not as entertaining as I hope she can be. But hey .. at least she has an awesome villain song!
  15. Wallflower Blush - This character is.... very interesting. I like her. I felt sorry for her somewhat so I can understand why she became an antagonist. As a villain, she is okay. Not as great as Adagio Dazzle, King Sombra, or Lord Tirek... but she is okay. Lol.
  16. Juniper Montage -. As a character, she was actually likable and she has a very neat design. However, as a villain, she was not very strong and she was only the villain for a short period of time. A good character but a very disappointing villain! D:
  17. Kiwi Lollipop and Supernova Zap - They are better antagonists then Vignette, but they are also not very memorable either. They are not really villains per se, more of misunderstood antagonists. They appear in the same special with the Dazzlings, who returned in the special as well. I was hoping the Dazzlings would be the main antagonists again. But instead, we get these two and that's okay, if EQG didn't end so soon as well, which makes these two the final antagonists in Equestria Girls. Overall, they serve their purpose okay, just not very memorable. x3
  18. Vignette Valencia - My least favorite antagonist in the entire MLP franchise. Where do I begin? Lol. I don't have much to talk about her. She is that boring. There is nothing she does in the special that is memorable and is very very ... VERY weak. Holy moly crackle moly! Lol. The two only positive things I will say about this character is the voice acting and the design of the character. That's it. Lol.

Least Favorite Characters

  1. Zesty Gourmand - Overcritical and boring. Definitely my least favorite character in this series.
  2. Prince Blueblood - I wish I could learn more about him but for now, he appears very snobbish and rude. Good thing he got his own comeuppance. xD
  3. Prince Rutherford - In his debut episode, he was very annoying and hard to please. However, his later appearences made him much more tolerable. So overall, he is an okay character, but not my favorite.
  4. Trenderhoof - He is not a bad character, but the most okay character in the series. I can't really get into him.
  5. Svengallop - A character I just loved to hate so he is on my least favorite characters list. However I do consider him a brillant antagonist in The Mane Attraction! ^^ I just wish we get to see his comeuppance but oh well.
  6. Spoiled Rich - Another character whom I love to hate!! She is a ... oh whats a nice word to put it .... a very overbearing and horrible mother. xD

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