Yoshida Tadayoshi

aka Yoshi

  • I live in Planet Earth, Solar System, Local Interstellar Cloud, Local Bubble, Orion-Cygnus Arm, Milky Way Galaxy, Local Group, Virgo Supercluster, Laniakea Supercluster, Observable Universe, Universe
  • I was born on May 1
  • My occupation is Artist (Whenever I feel like)
  • I am Male, a realist, the bane of Timothy Craig, a RPGer, [insert more lol titles here]
Um I'm inactive here now lol. I used to be a hell lot of active, back when the wiki actually still had a Wikia chatroom, but now I've moved on from Wikia itself. Before that, I really was lol. I only came here for the chat, nothing else. But ah, the fresh 2013 nostalgia when I was active, and garnered up 3000 edits, only like 4 or 5 of which were actual edits and the rest were profile edits and blog posts. If you really want to be in touch with me, then why not go to Discord? lol

Greetings, anonymous user!

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Where I Can Be Found:
Forum/Program/Whatever Username Activity Rate
Hereyou're here m8Active (Mostly for the chat)
DiscordMy username might change, but permanent User ID is Timey Marey#2048Active
Terraria Community ForumsTimeyMarey007 Meh
YouTubeMasud HasanNot uploading videos
Google+Masud HasanI don't even use this

(True) Friends:

dank m81 Tuna Thundermare(y) H. Barry Queen of Optics

  hHwUTBy.gif  This user 's favorite pony, though he isn't a brony anymore, is Twilight Sparkle.

Random Facts:

My main fandoms as of now are Star vs. the Forces of Evil, Star Wars and Inside Out.

I'm not Japanese. Still from somewhere in Asia. (Hint: This country is right next to India, to its east)

I'm no longer a brony, and I don't watch the show anymore. I'm just hanging around here. :P

I still do pony art, though. But no one looks at them anyways as they're mostly OCs lol.

Talking about OCs, I have some of them. Look at them on the link to the doc on the right.

gPiT4yu.png Timey Marey kiriban_prize___azure_wrath_by_seekerofdestiny-da7h177.png Azure Wrath martin_stormraven_2_by_timeymarey007-da9di7p.png Martin Stormraven

My OCs|}|}|}

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