Dear Princess Luna,

You sent me to Crimson's Gifted Cutie so I could learn more. I didn't know what until I realized that to have a good team, you must learn to work together with completely different people. I couldn't learn that in Canterlot. I thought that being a Star meant you were in charge and everything went your way. It really means that you have to work together, so everyone is happy. Oh yes, and you also told me that each day I must meet a new pony, since being a leader meant knowing those who are under your sight. I met four new ponies today, Static Shock, Bubblin, Echo Flap, and Shimmer Shine. They may just be my best friends at Crimson's. You should look forward to more letters about who I meet, and I will look forward to meeting them.

Your Faithful Star, Ignition Light

P.S., Flicker here, you know, Iggy's assistant phoenix, I just wanted to say that I also met someone. I met this REALLY cool baby griffon. Her name is Featherfree. She is REALLY nice. Since Ignition is now making me hurry up and send the letter by flame, I have to conclude. Bye Princess Luna! Tell Celestia it really WASN'T you that accidentally lit her new dress on fire. It was me. Please don't get mad!