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    This is sort of a personal guide so that I remember the steps I took for next time (it's really annoying wrestling with the software sometimes), but hopefully it may be of help to others as well. This is the process I followed to turn a screenshot (at 720p -- 1080p works better) from the show into a working, aesthetically pleasing background for a wiki.

    1. Choose a screenshot. Keep in mind that with fluid width, not much of the background on either side is visible for a lot of people, so the middle of the picture should preferably have enough to make the picture interesting.
    2. Cut the image into two halves. Personally I find Microsoft Office Picture Manager easy to use for tasks like cropping. I save two copies of the image and crop half off of e…
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  • Bobogoobo

    Hey there! I've seen several personally-oriented blogs lately, so I figured I'd make my own. You may have noticed that I have made a significant drop in my activity from over the summer and earlier to now. Rather than content, what I'm really focusing on at the moment is coding stuff. I prefer to take on interesting projects that haven't really been done before, especially if I can learn new stuff from them. So, I'm making this blog to take ideas from all of you for templates, scripts, etc. that I could make.

    Recently, I've created Template:Emote and UserRightsRecord. A list of formal scripts I've done is here, and making a list of templates I've done on this wiki is on my to-do list (my user page desperately needs a cleanup).

    There aren't a…

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    Hi guys, I thought I'd bring to your attention a couple templates I've made for displaying collections. So far, I have one for Enterplay's trading cards and one for the IDW comics. These might look very complicated, but I assure you that on your end, they are quite easy to update. I don't know if anyone would want to use these, but I figured I'd share them just in case. If people do end up using them, I can move them properly into the Template namespace.

    First up, the trading cards. The template is located HERE. You can see what it looks like here (you may need to click the URL bar and press Enter again after it loads, as the page is very large). This displays every card in series 1 and series 2, with the number of each you own and the tota…

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    I had an idea for fun, and I also had a paper to procrastinate on, so I present you some statistics on avatar changes. Note that this only includes changes made from this wiki (so, for example, I don't show up in the logs at all because I've only changed my avatar once and on a different wiki), and I haven't included users with only one change in order to reduce the length of this post. Let me know if you have any ideas or thoughts for other stats or information I could include, and contact me to request an update (I might not notice comments for a while). Thanks, and enjoy!

    This is a list of how many times each user has changed his or her avatar, sorted by the number of times and then alphabetically. You can see the particular logs for any…

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  • Bobogoobo

    Season 4 episodes

    April 2, 2013 by Bobogoobo

    List of season four episodes from Megan McCarthy. Looks very promising. See also Steffan Andrews's list and the full hashtag list. Also this tweet and this tweet which aren't in the list.

    • 01 & 02: Wingin' It
    • 03: Now You Sea Them…
    • 04: Meet Princess Skyla
    • 05: The Student Becomes the Teacher: The Return of Sunset Shimmer
    • 06: Luna-tic
    • 07: Pinkie Apple Pie - Pinkie Pie becomes the Princess of Pie (mini-arc part 1)
    • 08: Don’t You Dare - Rainbow Dash threatens to leave the Daring Do fandom when they turn her hero into an Earth Pony.
    • 09: It Ain't Easy Being Cheesy - Justin Bieber guest stars in our musical episode. (Continues in 16)
    • 10: Oops - Rarity is the star of a play but is replaced by AJ.Twi forgets and tells everypony RY is the star. Ponies are pissed…
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