The Pony Maniacs Series is a Series created by a brony youtuber TheInvertedShadow.


The Ponies gets possesed by Ghost Crazy TF2 Freaks. there are now New Ponies in This Series.

List of Ponies

List of Possesed Ponies

  1. Rarity
  2. Sweetie Belle
  3. Fluttershy

List of New Ponies

  1. Shadow Rush
  2. FlutterCook
  3. FlutterWolf
  4. RariFruit
  5. Female Shadow Rush
  6. Eppaljeck
  7. Gonzo


Episode 1: The Birth of RariFruit

Rarity founds a near cemetery where she founds RubberFruit's Grave and suddenly The Full Moon came and RubberFruit's Spirit has risen and he introduces himself to Rarity and Posseses her and definitly RariFruit rises and she uses her Power to move stuff. RubberFruit's Hat is on Rubber's Grave then RariFruit moves RubberFruit's hat on her head and so RariFruit turned into The First Maniac Pony.

Episode 2: RariFruit's first strike/RariFruit's new friend

RariFruit looks at Her Body and goes to an Engineer's Dispenser and she says that RariFruit is his Dispenser Now and RariFruit Destroyed the Dispencer to her Body and Uses her power to Turn the engineer into a chocolate and RariFruit eats The chocogineer. Some Powerful Heavy Warrior with a Bull Mask And RariFruit uses her power to control the hat to her head but The Hat didnt go because it was all Metal and the Heavy Warrior Laughs and Mocks her and someone was Looking at it a Rarity with a hat and a Mustache. The Heavy Warrior Strangles RariFruit in The Neck and Heavy Warrior Kills her but thats just saying it. The Rarity Controls her power and controls the time tower to 12:00 and RariFruit receives a gaunlet to her hand and her hair changes to Purple and Pink and She Looks at her Cutie Mark a Sparkling Purple Apple Cutie Mark and Uses her Gaunlet that is Powerful and she Became a Brand New Maniac Pony and laughs alittle. RariFruit uses her Horn Power to Defeat The Heavy Warrior. RariFruit uses her Gaunlet and Receives an Aly Purple Demon Hand and The purple demon hand attacks the heavy warrior on the head and pulls out the hat and the heavy warrior dies accidently. The Rarity Teleports infront of RariFruit and RariFruit knows that The Rarity is an Aly and uses horn power and to move the metal hat of the heavy warrior to the middle of the two rarities.

List of Episodes

  1. The Birth of RariFruit
  2. RariFruit's first strike/RariFruit's new friend