I've been wondering lately whether Applejack's character development is in decline. As we all know, she's always been depicted as a bit rough around the edges, but ultimately a wise, mature, compassionate friend/family member, and usually the voice of reason among the Mane 6. However, given some of her latest starring roles, I can't help but wonder if she's losing her touch - that her usual flaws are being overemphasized, and feel more suited to how she started out when the series began.

Three specific examples stick out to me, the least glaring being Applejack's reaction to Apple Bloom bringing home pear jam in "The Perfect Pear" - it was a bit over the top, but understandable seeing as how she was only concerned about Granny's feelings. That being said, she could've been a bit less explosive, especially since Apple Bloom's "mistake" was only an innocent one.

"Viva Las Pegasus" is where I'm more in the middle of the road: Applejack's grudge against the Flim Flam brothers was completely understandable, as was her initial reluctance to help them. What was more dramatic was how she refused to admit that theirs was indeed a friendship problem - true, there may have been more friendship problems than that specific one, but you'd think that Applejack, being the Element of Honesty, wouldn't deny she was seeing a friendship problem as plain as day.

The third and most uncomfortable example is Applejack's portrayal in "Honest Apple". While she is unfailingly honest, she's not quite as prone to unmitigated, unfiltered brutal honesty - in other words, she's more likely to use her honesty to be helpful and build someone up, rather than tear them down. Plus, who on AJ's level of maturity gets that confrontational about whether apples are better than strawberries?!

All in all, I feel that AJ's temper and stubbornness have been overexaggerated lately, and that there's not as much emphasis on her role as a more levelheaded character as there once was. What do you think?