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Episode Ten: Her Beginning

Astrid was getting restless she needed power and her craving only grew Twilight Sparkle was visiting today to check her progress and everypony was desperately trying to warm up to her

“what’s the point of friendship if it’s not going to do you any good” Astrid scoffed “all in all you will still die with or without friends and at the end of the day you’re still alone and...”

“ASTRID!” Starlight yelled “friendship changed my life if it hadn’t been for Twilight I would still be a dictator and my village would be miserable please just give it a chance... For Twilight?”

“Fine but it still doesn’t do anything good”


Twilight sat next to Astrid and wanted to learn from her why did she have to but in her life

“so Astrid what have you learned from the girls”

”useless stuff that won’t do any good in the long run” Astrid replied Snarkily “and stuff that I hate oh and I can’t go into a part of the library”

The cold energy that Astrid had felt earlier returned and from Twilight’s look she was certain she could feel it too

“Er Astrid can I talk to you in private” Twilight asked


Twilight took Astrid to the library and locked the door behind her

”Astrid I’m worried for you I can feel your energy if you’re not careful...”

Astrid cut her off “ENOUGH Don’t you get it! I hate friendship no matter what you do I’ll always hate you!”

“Astrid please” Twilight sighed “it looks like I can’t do anything to convince you I’ll be back tomorrow night to take you back to Canterlot”

But this wasn’t the end for Astrid Meteor she would soon plan to overthrow Princess Twilight Sparkle forever...