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Episode Eight: Astrid’s Return Part Three

Sprinkle Sparkle didn’t know what Astrid’s plan was but she knew it wouldn’t be good if she already had control over the crystal prep girls she might have already have control over others and they needed to figure out a plan

“Astrid may not be an all powerful goddess of disharmony like my sister faced but she is a huge threat especially with mind controlling braclets” Sprinkle commented “I’ll need to observe the Crystal Prep girls behavior and the only way to do that is to complete in the games”

”yeah but you’re ten not even old enough to be in middle school” Sci-Twi remarked adjusting her glasses “there’s no way Principal Celestia is going to let you complete”

”ahem” Sprinkle focused hard and then morphed into and older version of herself “I have changeling magic”

Sci-Twi blushed “right my bad”

“no Biggie anyways should we train for the games?”

Sunset winced “well the contests are different every year so we can’t exactly do that”

Suddenly Principal Celestia’s voice boomed through the intercom

“students competing in the friendship games please report to the gym for the first round: the music competition!”

“The first round is a music competition we got this in the bag” Rainbow Dash yelled


Woah even though the Rainbooms won the first round was hard according to Sunset it was like the battle of the bands (whatever that was) all over again the crystal prep girls had sabotaged their instruments and stole their song the second round wasn’t any better a simple quiz but the crystal prep girls had cheated and looked up the answers beforehand Sprinkle didn’t see you this helped Astrid but she knew there was more to it she just didn’t know what it was

”Well well You think you’re all high and mighty” Ruby Racer taunted “we will win the third...” she was cut off her eyes glowed blue as did the crystal prep girl’s and the rest of the school’s including the principal’s Sprinkle heard a menacing laugh Astrid Meteor floated down and was it just Sprinkle or was the silver streak in Astrid’s hair glowing?

“ahh Finally enough energy for the loops to feed off of”

“um excuse me” Sunset cut in “but why do you keep stealing my plans I’m not proud of them but I stole a crown and turned the school into my army too so...”

“SILENCE!” Astrid yelled “you will fall to my power” the mind loops grew bigger and Astrid threw them at the Humane 7 they ducked out of the way but Fluttershy didn’t get out of the way in time and one of the loops hit her and her eyes glowed blue

“ooh now this is gone to be fun” Astrid cackled “get them”

One by one each of the Humane 7 got hit by the mind loops leaving Sprinkle alone then she was Astrid had everyone surround her and then the mind loops hit her


Sprinkle was no longer in control of her mind she could hear Astrid’s voice booming into her head

“well now I’ve finally done it Sprinkle you’ve finally fallen I have won gotten my revenge against you now we will attack Equestria in five minutes prepare yourself Sprinkle Sparkle because you’re going to help me take over Equestria and there’s nothing you can do about it”

Sprinkle tried to fight the curse to no avail she couldn’t do anything but she thought about her friends and family and then suddenly she regained control over her mind

“oh yeah?” Sprinkle taunted she flew into the air

“what?!” Astrid cried

“yeah I don’t know either” Sprinkle questioned “but I’m going to take you down” in the air they thought ok I got to destroy the mind loops Sprinkle thought

”Sprinkle you can’t win I will...uhh wait” but it was too late for Astrid Sprinkle had already removed the mind loops and crushed them beneath her foot


”well Astrid’s back where she belongs in a cocoon” Sprinkle remarked

Rarity stepped up “just a final touch” and she made a dome of her Diamonds around the cocoon as the final straw they went back to the window and it glowed brightly. Mission Accomplished!