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Episode Ten: Out of The Dark Part Two

Twilight Sparkle woke up to Darkness surrounding the castle she couldn’t believe what was happening

“no no no no no this is bad this is all my fault” Twilight panicked.

”Twilight” Fluttershy comforted her “none of this is your fault”

“Yes it is. Bengilum is pure evil but he is right about one thing it’s my fault that Crystal went this far if I had tried to comfort her when her friends left I could have helped her find some new friends I failed my duty as The Princess of Friendship”

Rarity walked up to Twilight “well you may be right about that but you haven’t failed”

”yeah” Applejack said “ya have worked tirelessly to help everypony in Equestria”

“You’re right everypony I can’t fail now” Twilight stood up “and I have a plan”


Crystal Dawn had been summoned to the Throne room where Bengilum rested once she walked into the room she saw something she didn’t expect instead of the cloud of darkness he normally was Bengilum was more solid she could see he had a crooked horn and giant wings it reminded her of how Twilight described the pony of shadows when she had told stories of saving Equestria Bengilum’s power was being restored

“well Crystal I see you’ve noticed my new form my power is almost restored however one pony stands in my way and I’m sure you know who she is”

Crystal nodded “of course” Crystal needed to see that Twilight was defeated


Twilight attempted to teleport inside but no success when darkness appeared in front of her: Bengilum.

“well Twilight Sparkle your time has come it’s time to meet your demise”

Crystal revealed herself to Twilight

“Crystal please don’t do this you aren’t a bad pony you don’t need to serve him you can have a better life you can make new friends you’ll be able to help Equestria for the better you can be a hero”


Crystal listened to her mother’s words and she realized...what was she doing she couldn’t do this she was not a follower of Bengilum no longer

“Crystal destroy her!” Bengilum boomed

Crystal shouted “NO!”

She pulled out the potion and poured it over her mark but it didn’t disappear

”ah I see Blizzard’s potion isn’t perfect your mark will always remain on your hoof forever as a reminder of your FAILURE!”

Bengilum suddenly she was teleported inside the dungeon chained to the floor

“your punishment is tame I could of killed you so be glad you have been spared you will stay in this dungeon forever” with that Bengilum went on to fight Twilight and everypony else

Crystal Dawn couldn’t help it her shock faded and her eyes began to fill with tears she couldn’t face Bengilum but soon enough even if she didn’t know it she would be able to do it