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Episode Three: Darkness Part Three

Crystal Dawn thought Bengilum’s plan was working perfectly

“shouldn’t I be guarding the friendship heart wish the clone six” She asked Bengilum

“no once I am at full power and your mother is at the verge of defeat you will reveal you were the one who freed me and she will then die” Bengilum responded

“that would be better wouldn’t” Crystal sneered

Crystal stayed in her room but when the time came she was eager to serve Bengilum


Twilight woke up on the shore of a beach she didn’t know where in Equestria she was

“We need to rescue Twivine and the others” she declared “and that follower who released Bengilum is still out there somewhere”

Fluttershy looked nervous “it’s all so t-t-terrifying!”

Twilight looked into the distance she saw Canterlot being shrouded by that monster forcing ponies to serve him

“enough is enough” Twilight yelled she teleported everypony to Canterlot in the hall of artifacts “guess Bengilum needs to update his security”

Then Twilight saw Twivine and the rest of the clone six around the friendship heart

“Twilight I’m so sorry I can’t control my body” Twivine started and then lunged at Twilight to attack her

“no I do not smack ponies in the face with my braid anymore” Vinnershy said trying to pull herself away but it was no use her purple and black braid smacked Applejack across the face

“hang on everpony I’ll try and fly up to dive and get the heart”

“Problem 3 of us can fly” Vinnershy said trying to stay to the ground

“ugh we can restrain you” Rainbow Dash cried “hurry Twilight!”

Twilight flew up into the air and dove down to the heart and grabbed it “ok everypony I’m sorry but we’re going to free you I promise” and then Twilight teleported away


Twilight had grabbed a bottle from the kitchen and made her way to Bengilum

“well you evaded the Most Powerful Villans in Undestria I’m impressed”

“They’re not Villians anymore” Twilight yelled

“they have no choice”

“well you don’t either” Twilight activated the friendship heart and began to suck Bengilum up

“you’re going to be in for quite the surprise”

Twilight didn’t listen he was just trying to get in her head.


Crystal was peeved her mother had defeated Bengilum she needed to release him again at least it would be easy to do so

Twilight walked in and Crystal hurriedly put on her golden bracelet

“Crystal are you ok know being under Bengilum must of been scary”

“yeah whatever” Crystal responded trying to put on her bracelet

“what’s wrong with your hoof?” Twilight asked

“NOTHING!” She yelled

“let me see”


But Twilight had already taken her hoof and removed the bracelet and gasped

“C-C-Crystal you-you did y-you re-lease B-Beng-ilum”

Crystal glared at Twilight

“yes and there’s nothing you can do about it I’m a Bengilum follower now and you can fight your own daughter”

Crystal dashed through the palace not looking back as soon as she left Canterlot she found a cave and took shelter there

“I swear Lord Bengilum I will make sure you will come to full power if it’s the last thing I ever do”