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Episode Seven: The Burst Part Two

Twilight and Twivine Sparkle were going to meet with Blizzard Moon for progress on the potion

“hey Blizzard how is it going” Twilight asked

“it’s almost done it may of taken me years to create the potion but that’s because I didn’t know the ingredients it just needs to simmer aaaaaaaaaand... done!”

“Yes!” Twivine shouted “let’s take it to the girls!”

Later each of the clone six had gathered to erase their marks

“ok remember to only drip a little on your mark you never no if we need more” Blizzard explained

“ok I’ll go first” Twivine said she levitated the bottle and dripped a little on her mark but it didn’t disappear but the energy emanating from it seemed to disappear

“ok I thought that might happen” Blizzard declared satisfied

“wait why isn’t my mark gone!?” Twivine said rather upset

“It depends on how loyal you were to him if you were like me and immediately regretted it then it would completely be gone but if you were like Mal Ice or even Crystal Dawn it will stay but it’s power will be gone”

“oh ok” said Twivine her voice disappointed

“I’ right back” Blizzard said hurriedly and she made her way towards the cave....


Crystal Dawn was making more smoke balls for their next battle when she heard a voice behind her

“so still loyal huh” Crystal turned to see Blizzard Moon

“well if it isn’t a traitor” Crystal said crushing a glass ball

“ok look you don’t have to listen to me but...” she pulled out a vial of that rainbow liquid “just take this you saw what it did to me so just...think about it ok?” She teleported away leaving nothing behind Crystal knew she should of gotten rid of it immediately but she had a nagging feeling in the back of her head so she put in her saddlebag and continued her work.

Sorry this is short but it’s 9:30 and I’m tired stay tuned for part 3