In the begining of the show the book is so cute I just remember when my friend make a book that is just like in the book in the very begining of the show. The Narrator seems fine but when I heard Twilight's voice I say "Awesome!" When I first heard the Theme Song it seems so COOL and AWESOME. When Twilight met Applejack I really laugh so hard when she shake Twilight's hoof so fast. And meeting her families so fast when she out of breath, I laugh really hard. When Twilight met Rainbow Dash, I start laughing when Rainbow Dash laughs so hard at Twilight. By meeting Rarity I start to get my eyes so cool when Rarity's eyes becomes cooler. By meeting Fluttershy I laugh when Fluttershy saw Spike and start to cared him. In Pinkie's Party, I decided that I want a party Tonight.