• King Phelous

    I think friendship can't be taught.

    So, I have this to say about the School of Friendship:

    "Friendship is not really what the Mane Six are teaching. They are trying to teach their students in the way of being a hero, a good guy. That's not to say friendship is not part of it, but friendship is all about loyalty and about being willing to help others in need. With the exception of Twilight, the Mane Six are "book dumb", but they have a good sense of right and wrong. We saw them trying to be noble and kind all through the previous seven seasons. Even in the first two episodes of the show, they showed moments that signified the kind of noble and kind heroines they would become through the course of the show.

    The Mane Six have been fighting the g…

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  • King Phelous

    (Snowfall Frost enters her mansion...and she feels a strange chill running through her body)

    Snowfall Frost: Humbug. Just humbug.

    (Snowfall Frost walks up her stairs towards her room as she hears ominous creaking and sinister laughter)

    Snowfall Frost: More humbug.

    (as Snowfall Frost reaches her room, she is greeted by the ghost of a draconequus, wrapped in chains and with his clothes torn. Snowfall recognizes the draconequus...)

    Snowfall Frost: Strife Reggae? My old bussiness partner?

    Strife Reggae: Were you expecting, perhaps, the Ninja Turtles?

    (Snowfall Frost waves her left hoof around)

    Strife Reggae: What are you doing?

    Snowfall Frost: Trying to make you go away, since clearly I'm hallucinating.

    Strife Reggae: And what makes you think I'm an hal…

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  • King Phelous

    (we see Starlight Glimmer in the main hall of the Castle of Friendship)

    Starlight Glimmer: I'm bored...let's hear what's on the radio...

    (Starlight Glimmer turns on the radio)

    Radio: They get up and kill! The Ponies they kill get up and kill!

    (Starlight Glimmer changes the station)

    Radio: When there's no more room in Tartarus, the dead will walk Equestria!

    (Starlight Glimmer changes the station)

    Radio: The creatures can be neutralized by removing their heads or destroying their brains...

    (Starlight Glimmer changes the station)

    Radio: Carl, stay back with the others! Get back in the house, Carl!

    (Starlight Glimmer changes the station)

    Radio: Send more paramedics!

    (Starlight Glimmer turns off the radio)

    Starlight Glimmer: Nothing interesting...hey, what'…

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  • King Phelous

    Twilight Sparkle has vanished

    And for once has gone away!

    The rest of the Mane Five, summoned by me

    My commands shall soon obey.

    Every step and saying

    That in the past I've used, I know,

    And with the Mane Five obeying

    Learning that Friendship Lesson won't take long

    Bake, bake onward

    Sow dresses aplenty

    Put all the pictures in order

    Tame all the creature that are wayward

    And take care of the chillaxing

    Come, Mane Five, you are needed

    Take charge of all the tasks that I commanded you

    Long my orders you have heeded

    By my wishes, now I've bound you

    A Friendship Lesson, you will help me understand

    I can count on all of you

    Bake, saw, take care of the animals

    And the pictures and the dress, too

    Bake, bake onward

    Sow dresses aplenty

    Put all the pictures in order

    And tak…

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