I think friendship can't be taught.

So, I have this to say about the School of Friendship:

"Friendship is not really what the Mane Six are teaching. They are trying to teach their students in the way of being a hero, a good guy. That's not to say friendship is not part of it, but friendship is all about loyalty and about being willing to help others in need. With the exception of Twilight, the Mane Six are "book dumb", but they have a good sense of right and wrong. We saw them trying to be noble and kind all through the previous seven seasons. Even in the first two episodes of the show, they showed moments that signified the kind of noble and kind heroines they would become through the course of the show.

The Mane Six have been fighting the good fight for seven seasons. They are geting older, they are not as strong as they used to be, and life has given them responsibilities other than being heroines. The School of Friendship exists so younger and fresher Equestrians can "pick up the sword" and protect Equestria whenever it needs to be protected, and the lessons the School teaches are to made sure that, when it comes to the new defenders of Equestria, not only would their bodies be strong, but also their hearts and minds, that they would never allow themselves to be corrupted by the forces of evil."

However, Imperfect strongly disagrees with the above, and insists that the School DOES teach friendship.

So, me an Imperfect are an at impasse. I don't want to risk my friendship with Imperfect by continuing to argue on the comments, so I decided to take it to the blogs.

So, to anyone who is currently reading this, I ask:

who ios right, Imperfect or me?

Does the School teach heroism, or does it teach friendship?

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