So lately I've been working on the next Scanner-Life episode, not that any of you know what that is! :P But as I was working on it, I was like 'Oh snap! I didn't review the previous MLP episode!'. I got some time on my hands, so let's get started with A Flurry of Emotions!

So Twilight finally gets a new episode to herself after so long! Season 6 hasn't been 100% good to her, so I'm glad it's being fixed! Now she's spending time with McFlurry McMarySueDiapers! XD I'm kidding, Flurry's adorable! I like her, despite what others think of her, and Flurry really showed more character here than she ever did in the past! You know, Flurry is REALLY bright for her age! She's like only a few months old, and look how smart she is! She's been playing with bears pretty well, knows when there's trouble brewing, and she understands Twilight pretty well! It just seems very unrealistic though. I mean, this is a fictional show, so I ain't letting CDO get in the way! I got autism, not OCD, so this stuff don't bother me; but it is fun to point out! ;) So regardless, Flurry's intellect and how she uses her facial expressions and objects around her to communicate with others! Say what you want, Flurry's going to be an AWESOME princess in the future!

She's still an infant though, so it's not like she's perfect. She did throw a tantrum at the hospital when Twilight wasn't giving her enough attention. Now the friendship morals this season have been VERY impressive! I didn't learn anything though since I already knew this stuff, but hopefully we'll get something new soon!Twilight was the one that learned the lesson because she has to give more time to Flurry, or if she's busy she shouldn't be watching over her, and that's really a sweet moral to learn! Seeing the relationship between Twilight and Flurry explored like this was really adorable! I found this to be an adorable episode! Twilight is BAE! Twilight best BAE! XD Also with Shining Armor and Cadance just popping up on Twilight dropping off their kid was a bit of a jerk move, and I kinda thought their moral was a much better one than Twilight's, and much more needed! Do you have any idea what it's like to just have something immediately pop up on you without warning?

Now seeing Flurry meet the Cake Twins was what everyone in the fandom really wanted to see, and it was hilarious! They started off alright, and then they hated her! XD Looks like they're not having a playdate again anytime soon! It was awesome seeing Cheerilee again like always, of course! Nurse Redheart, long time no see! Also nice new cutie mark! The side-story with Shining Armor and Cadance visiting Spearhead's museum was a pretty funny part! The way Spearhead talks and defines his art, like dude... whoa, trippy! Shining and Cadance also both shared alot of character in here by showing how much they love Flurry, and it's very understandable! It was very sweet as well! I had no clue we met Spearhead in Rarity Investigates! He didn't talk like that back then; does he have the Sweetie Drops syndrome? XD Spike was also awesome in here! He was better in here than he was in the first two episodes, regardless that he was awesome in all of them! He plays as the voice of reason, and most of the humor in this episode came from him! The only thing is, why doesn't he ever seem that close to anypony? Is he more of a solitude kind of fella? I guess that's how dragons are - it's in his nature. But hopefully we can see some more emotion outta him in the future! His scene in the very end of the episode, taking over Twilight's part by entertaining the foals was really AWESOME! That should satisfy my Spike urges until his first starring episode of the season! ;) Let's hope we see one sometime in the first half, probably June! Also, nice Pinkie Pie cameo as well! Never expected her to say BRB!

So regardless, very adorable episode, pretty funny throughout, and it wasn't a copy of Baby Cakes that much in my book! This was actually better than Baby Cakes in my opinion! Also, I didn't hear Grogar's name the first time I watched this! That was so cool to hear! So Grogar is canon! But is he real? Foreshadow? Maybe, maybe not! We shall see! It would be nice to see Grogar return as a villain in this series, just like Lord Tirek was!

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