Just got back from my vacay! Didn't watch 28 Pranks Later, since I didn't have wi-fi. I just watched it today on the way home, so I'll give you my honest to wizard perspective on it.

Now I gotta say, when I first heard that 28 Pranks Later was gonna be a thing, I thought it was gonna be a Pinkie episode instead of a Rainbow Dash episode. I knew what the moral was gonna be though, even though there were multiple possibilities, like, the prank the ponies in Ponyville were gonna perform on Rainbow would cause Rainbow to backfire on them. However, Rainbow's pranking in this episode really was creative and funny at times. I mean, I liked the cake one, and the part where Spike was delivering scrolls to Princess Celestia (even though Celestia shouldn't have had all those scrolls in the first place because Spike didn't deliver that much, unless Celestia was already swimming in scrolls before Spike send more). But of course there were those pranks that got too carried away: first off, that mask that Rainbow used to prank Fluttershy looked like Discord a bit. I thought Fluttershy wouldn've thought it was him for a second there! Plus, that part where Flutters was gasping for breath, it looked like she was gonna have a heart attack! That would definitely make Rainbow regret her decisions! That would make Harry maul her! Mr. Cake eating the brick would've broken his jaw for sure, dropping a heavy boulder onto Big Mac's cart causing it to go back which could've gotten him seriously injured, and Applejack getting her bed moved outside while she was sleeping was just... what?

Now the whole town joins together to create a fake zombie virus to get back at Rainbow. Seems a bit far-fetched for a whole town to agree on this sort of thing, doesn't it? Everyone's acting was so good, I have to admit that! It seemed so realistic! A little too realistic. Seems a bit much for a kid's show, yunno? Seems a bit more Y7-TV to me. I knew this whole thing was a comeback prank in the first place, but the acting was really good it almost made me forget! Almost. Rarity kinda ruined it by saying in that voice, "We already eaten them!" Now that was pretty much bad acting there. On the lighter note, it was nice for the whole town to agree on something! Reminds us that we don't live in a town like that!

There were alot of returning characters in this episode, like Cheerilee, Big Mac, Granny Smith, the Cakes, the CMCs, even Cranky Doodle! Alot of the town were in on it! But it's kind of weird to not see Starlight Glimmer there. Seeing all these episodes with Starlight not appearing, it makes me think that some of these episodes take place before she became Twilight's student. Either that, or she wasn't interested in the prank. But still, it's weird. This episode got a chuckle outta me a few times! Especially that cake sewing machine part; now that was clever! :D

This episode was written by a new writer: FM De Marco! Sounds Italian! Good job on your first episode, brah! I pretty much enjoyed this episode more than I thought! I thought it was gonna be a more "cabin in the woods" type of scenario with the Mane Six being the ones to teach Rainbow a lesson on pranking, but then turns out another prank was being played by the Mane Six by somepony else (Zecora perhaps). But whateves, this was a pretty cool episode! It's not the episode where the Mane Six are packed and are going somewhere, I wonder what that episode is?

Anyways, let's slow down on the Rainbow episodes a bit. Her having the leading role is getting a little boring. Bring on the Spike episodes! :D

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