I have a whole list of season 9 episode ideas ready to go, but before I do that, I need to get the rest of these opinion blogs out of the way. I know it's been taking me a while to do these, and I should really get them done before the next EG, and especially the next season! So let's head on to A Health of Information!

So we got two Zecora episodes in a row! Lucky her! Really makes up for her lacking appearances in season 6! Now usually it's Zecora helping other ponies out, but this time, it's Zecora who's in trouble and somepony else needs to help her, and what better pony to do that than Fluttershy? I figured it would be her to star in this episode, and it really develops her character! Pretty much Flutters has to do the most difficult task she has ever done, and someone's life is actually at risk now! Although, I don't really understand how Swamp Fever could be a "rare disease" when anyone who touches the flower can get affected by it, and it is contagious, so it's not very rare. Especially since it happened to Flutters right there and then. I gotta say this episode was pretty dark knowing that there is a disease in Equestria that's pretty deadly! But also this episode did make Fluttershy a hero, and she was basically using all her best traits in here! This was different to every other Flutters episode! It wasn't about being a punching bag or aggressive, it was more about her will to not rest until the job is done, and that is a pretty interesting moral to have! I should definitely show my dad this episode! Yunno how late he works all the time and biting off more than he can chew? Now that doesn't mean he doesn't rest, but still, these late nights affect his mood, his blood pressure, and he can't get other stuff done either. He's a bit too much like Flutters in a way, I think he would relate to her!

What else that made this episode interesting was giving Fluttershy her very own legend, and the last legend we learn on a name bases: Mage Meadowbrook! She had a pretty interesting flashback too! I would say she's third place right after Somnambula and Mistmane! Buuuuut chipmunks don't breathe so loudly like that. Do they? Also after all the times those flash bees stung Fluttershy, yeah, they're dead. Once a bee stings, a bee dies. Sad, but true. Would I be good at CinemaSins, or what? :3 Or in this case, flashback sins! XD But really, I wouldn've thought that Meadowbrooks' mask would be the answer to getting the flash bees to step aside. But hang on... the mask is a queen bee, correct? So why was the queen bee herself stepping aside? Wouldn't she have competition? Doesn't the queen bees have to fight, and the loser gets banished? That's how it is in real life. I know this is fictional world, but still, ya gotta make sense outta these things.

So all in all, very adorable episode! Flutters was pretty silly in this episode, Cattail was cool, great new use of Zecora, and such an amazing Fluttershy episode! It is definitely one of her bests, if not the very best! I'm not sure though, Keep Calm and Flutter On is still a personal favorite of mine, but this one comes close! I really liked the part when Twilight said, "If anypony lives in a tree, they're ok by me!" judging by how she used to live in a tree herself! ;) Aww too soon? Speaking of Twilight, why would she be bored reading books? That's so unlike her when she tried to search for the cure! Also wait a second, didn't Fluttershy WANT to be a tree? She coulda been one if she just let the fever consume her. She woulda got what she wanted!

I'll try to get more blog posts in soon! No promises though!

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