Phew - didn't sleep very well last night. Finally got the English version of A Horse Shoe-In, huh? Took a while for the Chinese streaming service to finally release it! Wow, can't believe there's only 3 more weeks left for ponies! Guess it's time to get Starlight Glimmer's arc wrapped up! Kinda thought Student Counsel was that, but I'm glad to be wrong, cause it's always nice seeing more Glimglam, who's been pretty neglected this season! At least compared to seasons 6-8!

So it's finally happened! Glimglam is now officially the headmare of the School of Friendship! I hafta to be honest, I thought this episode was gonna be about who's taking the Mane 5's places as the teachers for the school, but as it turns out, Glimglam just needs a Vice Headmare - something I believe was Spike's position, was he Vice Headmare at first? I don't necessarily understand what Spike's position was at the school. So the chosen headmares Glimglam thought of is Doctor Whooves (interesting), Octavia Melody (also interesting), Big McIntosh (cool choice), Trixie (obviously), Spoiled Ri- wha... Spoiled Rich?! Why is she a chosen choice, and how does Glimglam know her exactly? If she did know her, then she'd probably already know she wouldn't be fit for the job. She was the first one out basically! Didn't think Chantal Strand was gonna come back since she didn't voice the show since Where the Apple Lies back in season 6 - cause Diamond Tiara hasn't had dialogue since Crusaders of the Lost Mark! This really how we're gonna use Diamond's VA, to voice her mom? Seems like a waste. Hopefully that means Diamond Tiara's gonna talk soon, but I won't hold my breath.

Big Mac was a pretty great choice, until the talking part of course, which was understandable. Some can only handle so much pressure, yunno? It's always great to see him though! What really surprised me was the roles of Octavia and Doctor Whooves - just look at how much they're contributing to the school! Octy's duet with DJ Pon-3 would probably have alota fans just jumping on their seats once they see that moment, and consider it the best part of the episode! Though it was Starlight's hug with Twilight and Spike that was my favorite part! Dr. Whooves' best part was the field trip, cause hey, he discovered time travel in the most possible way! XD I dunno why that boreded the class, I woulda found it funny! Hey, Element of Laughter class! Unfortunately at the very end, all of Starlight's choices for Vice Headmare either didn't work out or they ended up not interested. So, guess who took the Vice Headmare job? Sunburst! Turns out Flurry Heart is growing up and not in need for a crystaller anymore, so... is he moving to Ponyville? That Vice Headmare job pretty much is a full-time position, even if he is still needed in the Crystal Empire for events. I say that's a great job for Sunburst to have - even though he skipped the entire interview process so how do we know for sure if he's actually fit for the job? He did say he always wanted to work at a school! Surprised Glimglam didn't think of Maud though.

However the main conflict of this episode was between Glimglam and Trixie (again), however, I can understand why it was used, cause what's Glimglam's final starring episode without the Great and Powerful Trixie right there alongside her? :3 Much like in Student Counsel, Trixie is very eager for Glimglam's attention, and pretty much almost whenever Glimglam's around, Trixie's pretty much right there alongside her! I know there are a tona people that still love the chemistry and interactions between them, and they're pretty much right! Though the Starlight/Trixie conflict thing has been happening quite alot whenever they show up together - with Glimglam really holding her breath and tolerating Trixie's constant whining and bragging. However, it did show that Trixie was kinda doing the job pretty well, cause there have been substitute teachers more fun than the regular ones, and napping all day in class... really wouldn't be my way of spending my time in class, but hey the students seemed to be alright with it! Trixie's biggest highlight in here was her standing up for Gallus to Grampa Gruff. It really seems like he's been a pretty awful guardian to Gallus, and hearing Starlight tell Trixie that was pretty sweet, which is why Glimglam chose her for her old counselor position. Though I wouldn't say she actually deserved that position, after constantly putting down some of the students who have problems just so she can have Starlight to herself. However, the main idea of the conflict is telling your friend the truth ahead of time... something we get alot of. Though I suppose the main moral was not everyone is right for every job, but everyone has a way to contribute!

So this was pretty much a very fantastic episode! So many character cameos, and great use of those characters, loved the hug in the beginning, and Glimglam has fulfilled her role nicely! Yunno what else? That's two episodes in a row Princess Twilight played the voice of reason for her friends after she helped Glimglam sort out her mess! She's definitely living up to her princess title to the fullest now! :D Seems that Glimglam has a close relationship with her plant, Phyllis! Wow, she's been spending way too much time with Maud! XD I like that name, Phyllis, that's actually my mom's sister, and an awesome aunt to me! I miss her deeply though, God rest her soul. Can't think of a better name for Glimglam's plant! That was very harsh of Trixie at the end to throw it away. Again, why is she chosen for the counselor job? I gotta also ask about the flash bees (not the bees!), what exactly did Glimglam do with them? Yunno what? Probably best not to know.

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