My body cannot take much more of these early releases! The one time I don't want any episodes because of the move, we get a short hiatus! I do love the show but c'mon, I don't have alot of time on my hands! I might not have enough time to watch season 9 cause I'm gonna be so busy with other things! Why Hasbrah? Whyyyyyy? Alright, let's talk about A Matter of Principals.

Alright I actually enjoyed this alot more than I thought! I knew Twilight was gonna go somewhere and leave Starlight in charge of the School of Friendship but I didn't expect the entire Mane 6 to go! I actually kinda expected this episode to connect with Friendship University with just Twilight and Rarity going while the rest stay behind with Starlight trying to deal with Discord; I mean the last time we had two episodes connect like that was Made in Manehattan and Brotherhooves Social back in season 5, but I'm glad it turned out this way! It was really a clever twist to have Discord send the Mane 6 on a fake Cutie Map quest! But the map is so powerful! How did he manage to do that? I mean I guess it's proven that the Tree of Harmony does have some weakness from Discord, I mean remember those vines back in the season four premiere? Even though this mainly focuses on the relationship between Starlight and Discord, Spike was an amazing addition to here to play the middle ground! I mean judging by his friendship with both Starlight and Discord, it really works for him which was why I really wanted him to stay behind with Starlight since the beginning! I just love how he interacts with those 2 cause he seems more like equals to them compared to the Mane 6. Also in case you forgot: he's flying now, and he's been doing that alot in here! :P

Now the reason Discord planned this out was because he felt left out. Kinda sounds familiar from a different point of view, doesn't it? Oh and the faking something so he can get what he wants? I think it coulda worked out better if Discord was jealous with Starlight because he was reformed first, and yet Starlight's been getting special treatment from Twilight and the Mane 6 regardless that Discord was reformed before she was. I mean they coulda really related in a particular way like that. But I suppose the "left out" part works too. Yunno why you were left out, Discord? It's because your VA is expensive! :P If you're silent the whole time then maybe you'd appear more! But regardless, I did enjoy Starlight and Discord's chemistry in here! Even though their interaction is pretty similar to Twilight's interactions with him. But Starlight really went out of her way to create one big magic spell to banish him from the school grounds! I mean he's a demigod instead, so it's a reminder on how strong her magic is! I hope someday there'll be some explanation on why her magic is so powerful. She a decedent to Star Swirl the Bearded or something, or maybe Clover the Clever? I mean I guess that was a good choice. I know Discord is an immature baby, but he goes around trying to hurt other students just to get back at Starlight? I admit I have my problems too, but I wouldn't go down to his level and actually hurt people! That's low, even for Discord's standards!

So how about the highlights of the episode? There were soooooo many cameos, and alot of them were even voiced! 16 people voiced in this episode! Has any other episode had as many voices? Shadow Play - Part 1 had 14, and Slice of Life had 17 which is only one more than this episode! There have been alot of episodes that had alot of VAs this season! The show must be getting a bigger and bigger budget to be able to afford all these voices! Not to mention the big-budget VA: John de Lancie as well! Oh and all those character cameos! We had Iron Will (that's the second time he made a surprised appearance), Cranky Doodle Donkey (him too), Cozy Glow, Spitfire, Maud Pie, Trixie, oh and that infamous Dragon-sneezing tree that affected both Spike and Smolder! Speaking of Spitfire, how does Starlight even know her? Also a Spellventure Hunt but whoever finds the most gets to win a trip to Canterlot archives? What if most of the students find all 6 of the objects? What to do now? :P

Nicole Dubuc, this was a very impressive episode! Between this and Marks for Effort, this one really takes the cake alot more in my opinion! She's really an amazing addition to the staff, and I hope she stays all the way till the end!

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