I got such a headache right now! Two episodes in one day! I'm just writing these reviews now to just get them outta the way (ooo rhyme). But seriously, this is taking alot outta me, and I gotta do it for 5 more weeks! As if I don't have anything better to do - but my brain is on pony mode, so I might as well get it all done while still on pony mode, and then I can worry about my school work. At least I'm only working on one class, but there's alota notes and such! Twilight would definitely have a good time with this class! Speaking of Twilight, it's her episode this time, alongside Pinkie Pie, with A Trivial Problem A Trivial Pursuit!

So last week we had Rainbow Dash being a jerk, but this time we got Twilight being a jerk! XD At least this time it's not really a chore to watch, cause the facial expressions make it worth while! The facial expressions were the highlights of this episode, as well as constant mentions of Equestrian lore and history! Ol Brittany's been doing her homework on Equestria! Gotta give her credit for that, cause Once Upon a Zeppelin made it look like she knew she was doing... except for Spike being left behind, but I won't get into that. At least Spike's been treated so much better in this episode! He did a great job helping Granny Smith with score keeping, and Sunburst mentions that Starlight went crazy with the job, so let's see how long he lasts! ;) Applejack and Rainbow Dash being competitive again was nice to see in here! Here it works, Non-Compete Clause, it doesn't cause they're teachers and should be a positive influence on the students, but at least that isn't a problem here! Look at the ponies in trivia night! Bulk Biceps... gotta admire his enthusiasm! Cranky Doodle Donkey... he was pretty funny in here, gotta love his lazy and grouchy attitude! Maud Pie and Mudbriar, gotta love these two, especially in here! They played off eachother well! "Team Appledash is basically unstoppable!" Wow, ship much? Wow, Sunburst, didn't expect him! He played a great role in this episode, being a reflection to how Twilight was treating Pinkie earlier in the episode, which I'm about to get to!

Just hear me out all the way... I thought Twilight was a huge jerk in this episode. For somepony who's about to take the throne and become the next leader of Equestria, she has a really odd way of showing she's ready. I know she has room for improvements and I don't blame her for it, but this... I thought Twilight got passed this problem of having an ongoing winning streak of some sort? Didn't we have a story about Twilight and her winning titles from both Sparkle's Seven and The Point of No Return? You'd think she'd gotten over this by now. However, this time it was more fun than in Point of No Return! All the facial expressions and comments and the interactions between the characters made it all worth while! In Twilight's defense, Pinkie was being a bit distracting, but I ain't taking Twilight's side completely since she was still a jerk to not only Pinkie, but the other contestants as well, tattling on them just to win. This is low, even for her. Let's hope The Summer Sun Setback episode shows Twilight in a more positive light. At least Spike was acting as voice of reason for her, but once again, she just doesn't listen to him. Makes ya wonder why Spike even tries? But like I said, Twilight's jerkiness in here was fun! That's what made this different from the previous episode. Rainbow's jerkiness in that episode was uninteresting and too mean-spirited to the students. Here, it works! Pinkie even hesitating to return to being Twilight's partner was a nice touch, showing that she won't just forgive that easily! That doesn't happen much in the series! Sunburst played a great role in here as well as a reflection towards how Twilight was treating Pinkie! Yunno this is the first time Sunburst appears without Starlight! Let's hope something comes for her later, cause I'm missing her.

There were a ton of shipping references in here, especially AppleDash and TwiPie! That's just hilarious fanpandering! XD I really enjoyed the competitiveness of AJ and Rainbow in here still! When AJ got the Apples answer wrong and got Granny upset and seeing AJ embarassed was just hilarious! XD Alota past episode references and lore were referenced in this episode - including Lord Tirek and Scorpan! Scorpan doesn't get mentioned that much - I'm still hoping he appears in here! Mudbriar's pronunciation of Scorpan was hilarious! I'm tellin' ya this was a fun episode, and you can tell that Tara Strong really enjoyed voicing in here, her Timmy Turner was showing alota times; and the animators enjoyed all the facial expressions! The facial expressions is the best part of the episode, that's for sure! And like I said before, a ton of character cameos in here, including Mrs. Cake and Cheerilee, and I saw Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon in the BG, you can't fool me! ;)

So despite Twilight being a complete jerk in here, causing what felt to be a very forced conflict and having the same moral for her be repeated, this was a really fun episode! I'd definitely go back and watch this from time to time just for lulz! One question I wanna ask the writer though: did she make up the rules as the episode went on? XD Seems like alota the rules are a little too convenient for the story.

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