Applejack's "Day" Off - pretty much a simple episode. Just an average every day with nothing special going on. While it was mostly an eventful season, this is one of the episodes where nothing much eventful happens. I mean starting off from Gauntlet of Fire, we've had eventful episodes way up to The Saddle Row Review! I guess it's ok having a break every now and again, much like what this episode is all about! ^_^

I liked having the Spa ponies have a major role in the episode! Saw Mr. and Mrs. Cake and Bulk Biceps, and... wait! Was that Spoiled Rich I saw?! It kinda looked like her, but I wasn't too sure. It looked and sounded like her, and kinda acted like her! It probably was her! Rainbow Dash was hilarious in this episode! It really fits her! I think all along she liked being at the spa, even at Ponyville Confidential, but just wouldn't admit it! ;) Busted Dashie! I also loved the moral in here! Outside eyes can really be helpful in workday situations! I didn't know that, and that's a good moral! That's a lesson learned bingo slot filled! :D

Now, I have to be honest though. There were some things I liked in this episode, but at the same time, there were things in which were kinda meh for me. First off, this is another Rarijack episode. We've had like... three of them already! Now we're getting a fourth one?! Did you know there are some members of the Mane Six that didn't have duo episodes yet? Such as Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy, Twilight and Applejack, and Twilight and Rarity. These two spend waaaaaaaay too much time together. Don't get me wrong though, they make great opposites which are pretty good example of friendship, but it wouldn't hurt seeing the relationship between the relationship of other members of the Mane Six that didn't have a duo episode yet, that's why The Gift of the Maud Pie was so interesting to me! Pinkie and Rarity get an episode to themselves, and it's really cool to see how their relationship works in an individual level!

A couple of other things I didn't like in this episode was the pace. Even though it was a good moral, the overall episode seemed to be pretty... boring at times. A quarter of the episode had montages and walking around the spa, and that's just lazy writing there. Even though we did see some cool cameos, it just wasn't interesting to me. I also wanted to see Twilight and Spike interact with Big Mac, Apple Bloom, and Granny Smith a little more while they do Applejack's chores, and just the way they did chores, I mean they should've known better! I know Twilight's one for following a list, but really, you should know that lists aren't everything by now. Haven't we had this moral already? Also Twilight volunteered herself and Spike for the job. What if he didn't want to do it? She should've asked him first. He's not your pet, Twilight, he could make his own decisions. I mean, yeah, he was ok with it, but still, I mean what if? Well one thing I'm glad for in that scenario, I know for a fact that this isn't Spike episode number two this season! *wipes sweat* So at least I got that, and I'm happy for that! In fact, Twilight and Spike didn't do pretty much anything this episode, so this was pretty much just a Rarity and Applejack episode, featuring Twilight and Spike on the side.

Ok so yeah; great moral, Rainbow was funny, story kinda lacked some clarity, but all in all, it was actually ok! Neal actually had a part in this episode, and I gotta admit this: he is improving a bit, but still could use some work in understanding how MLP works. However, the Fox bros did most of the work in this episode, so they did ok, but not as good as episode 3.

Pretty hyped for the next episode though! :D

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