Alright... last of the early releases. Please let's not have these in the second half, please? It's best if we all see the final episode at the same time. I don't wanna have to keep doing these review posts. I only watch these early releases to avoid spoilers and my curiosity always gets the best of me. Curiosity kills the kitty, but I'm still not feeling satisfied yet. 13 episodes down, 13 to go (14 if counting Rainbow Roadtrip), and there's still some arcs that need to be finished. Especially for Spike. But first, let's finish up with Princess Celestia and Princess Luna with Between Dark and Dawn!

So the royal sisters seemed to take Rainbow Dash's words into heart, cause now they're helping out all the time, and proving how useful they could be! This is basically the royal sisters episode everyone's been craving, cause unlike A Royal Problem, Starlight Glimmer isn't in the way, but there's still a B plot with the Mane 7, which I'll get to later. Seeing the two of them plan and take their vacation was really something truly amazing and unique! Yeah, we had a similar plot in Road to Friendship, and even got an awesome song duet with the two of them! Things were fun at first, until Celestia overdid it with her turn. The things Luna puts up with, huh? The whole moral of the story seems pretty similar to Sisterhooves Social, or basically any sister episode focusing on the Cutie Mark Crusaders and their sisterly counterparts! But this time, we had the experience with the royal sisters themselves, which was what made this episode unique! My parents and I sometimes go through the same thing in terms of vacations. Dad wants to relax, while mom and I wanna go and have fun, and both the princesses have good reasons to wanna do each of their things! The princesses really played off eachother well and they were definitely the best thing about this episode!

Now for the B plot: the Mane 7 taking over the royal duties (heh I said 'royal duties'). When I first watched the Italian version, I wasn't a big fan of that part, but it warmed up to me in the English version! It makes me wonder why Twilight was chosen to lead Equestria, when it seems like the rest of her friends knew the right answer in letting Fancy Pants be in charge of the planning. In the Italian version, I thought Fancy Pants was being an OOC jerk, but when I finally see the English version, he did make good points. Twilight's taking this royalty role way too seriously, and thinks she has to do everything, and there she goes again in volunteering her friends. You can tell the rest of them didn't wanna do it. But hey, they followed along regardless like the good friends they are. Seriously, you can tell Twilight you have plans. Regardless though, the Mane 7's part of the episode was funny, and Twilight's struggles to set the moon and raise the sun were pretty difficult, but then how did she successfully do it the other times? Cause the royal sisters were out for the day, and it became night time so Twilight didn't struggle there. She definitely needs some practice in that department, cause in Twilight's Kingdom - Part 2, she was struggling there too! However, when The Storm King used his staff, he had no troubles at all! Maybe just put the magic into the Staff of Sacanas, and let Spike do it! :3

So the royal sisters part of the episode was heartwarming and pretty funny, and the Mane 7's part was just funny, but at times, but I wonder if Twilight is really the one that's suited for the royal role. Even though I wasn't a big fan of the Italian early releases, at least I can get my mind off the show for a while to work on important things. The more I think about the show, the more distracted I get for other things, so the hiatus is starting early for me, and Spike's destiny is gonna hafta wait.

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