Finally! Another CMC episode! Been waiting for another one of these for a while! When I was guessing what part 2 of season 6 was gonna be like, I figured it would be a CMC episode! Only thing added is that they're sharing the episode with Applejack, Rarity, and Rainbow Dash! Interesting choices, even though we did get a ton of Rarity this season already, this episode still had the CMCs take the spotlight for most of the episode! ;)

I know there are some people that said they enjoyed Stranger Than Fan Fiction more than this, but I kinda enjoyed this one more! It was really good, and it's really nice to have Ed Valentine back! I knew this would be a good episode seeing him back, and I figured there would be a song too! It was a really cool song, I enjoyed it! Looks like we got our CMC song for the season, unless there's more! ;) I figured the moral would be this way, and I knew the sisters would ruin it for the crusaders, but that didn't make the episode any less entertaining! Looking at Rarity's swan cart, I thought it looked like Princess Celestia as a swan for a second there! XD But after looking at Big Jim's Twitter, this episode is another chance to advertise the swan boat Hasbro's trying to sale, since maybe The Gift of the Maud Pie wasn't enough!

I'm glad Apple Bloom didn't take the spotlight away from Scootaloo and Sweetie Belle on this episode like On Your Marks did, and each crusader got a chance to bond with their sister in an individual level! You know what my mom thought while seeing this episode? The crusaders would switch sisters to get what they want, like Sweetie Belle would race with Applejack to get the traditional cart she wants, Scootaloo would ride with Rarity for looks, and Apple Bloom would ride with Rainbow Dash for speed! That would be an interesting turn of events, but I'm still glad it ended this way, even though the other way does sound better! :3

Now there were a bunch of highlights in this episode that I've been wanting for a while! Number 1: Cheerilee played a supportive role and got a lot of dialogue! She wasn't just a BG pony in this episode! This really got to redeem her character spot, and I really enjoyed that! You know what? This is gonna be the closest to a Cheerilee episode we're gonna get. I'll count that as a bingo slot! Number 2: Snips and Snails had dialogue again finally, so that's a bingo slot filled! Number 3: I saw Merry May again! Finally, after so long! No dialogue though. Also she appeared in both the flashback and present time. Does that pony ever age? What's her secret? She must be like in her 40s and wears alot of make-up to cover the wrinkles!

So yeah, that episode was really amazing! I won't be able to watch next week's right away, because I'll be out of town and there won't be any interwebs, so I can't watch it until like Monday or Tuesday. So expect a late blog post.

Giddy-up, Derpy racers! :P

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