To be honest, I enjoyed this episode much more than The Cutie Map. Twilight missing her old home at the library was expecting, and was also a good idea, and using the opportunity to help her friends out rather than hanging out at the castle, plus the reason why she does it was very interesting! I also loved the ending on how the Mane Five decorated the castle for her and Spike. It brought alot of feels to my heart, and it made me lead to believe that the tree roots on the ceiling with the memories is going to be our next friendship lesson journal, since the journal itself is pretty much complete, the tree roots is going to be replacing that, which is what I believe. We'll probably see it in action during Tanks for the Memories!

Now the song I wasn't really flipped over it. They started the song with "we will work together". Oh like I haven't heard THAT line before in this series! Ok get we get it! Working together and such. I liked the song better in the premiere because it was an original style beat that wasn't put onto the show yet. This song feels like it's just an edit from a song from Rainbow Rocks. I like the music in this series, but hearing the Mane Six singing the same thing over and over and over again gets boring.

The humor I liked in this episode! Since Spike didn't do anything major this season yet, it felt right to give him a part in this episode by stalling Twilight. I love those spa ponies, and having Aloe have a speaking part finally made me rejoice! I also laughed really hard when Bulk Biceps came in! I love that pony! Spike sure felt cramped after that one! XD The hidden confetti cannons also provided some lulz as a running gag in this episode. I think there might be more coming later on!

Recycling the old debris from the Golden Oak Library was an awesome idea AppleJack had! Now that the roots are in the castle, does that mean the library is officially not there anymore? Made me wonder that. Now I'm really not into repeating situations with the Mane Six arguing and then making up after, but I'll make an exception this time because this was an awesome friendship moral! Sometimes you just have to learn to let things go and make the best of what's new. Awesome friendship moral, and awesome story from a couple of new writers in the show! Awesome job! :D

The only thing in this episode I was REALLY disappointed about was that Owlowiscious didn't appear. It made no sense. Is Owlowisious still Twilight's pet? I wouldn've thought he would at least have some short cameos. Doesn't Owlowisious live in the castle now? It kinda bothered me. He really should've appeared.

Other than that and the song, I thought this episode was amazing! I'll give it a 9/10! I am very impressed! :D

So far I still have no bingo slots to mark off, but it's only episode 3, they'll be marked soon! ^_^

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