Woopoosh! Toppa the mornin' to ya laddies, my name is MegaSean45, and welcome to another full season of MegaSean45 presents: MLP Opinions with MegaSean45™! I am your host, MegaSean45, and let's get season 7 started! :D

Ok where to start? Where to start? So it's another "what's next" episode, much like the season four premiere and On Your Marks! There was so much emotion in here coming from both Twilight and Starlight, and even Princess Celestia too! I have never seen that part of her before on the series! This was exactly the Celestia episode people have been wanting! That's a bingo slot right there already! So much backstory with Celestia's point of view of sending Twilight to Ponyville! Plus there was Moon Dancer, and there was the Mare in the Moon cameos! So much continuity from this episode!

All the possible choices Twilight had to make for Starlight really let out her inner freak-out! Not as much as Lesson Zero, mind you! ;) The possible choices with Sunburst, and Thorax for example! That black hole was really pushing it, and it did seem alot more possible than the other two choices! Helping out Thorax seemed like something she would do as well! The rogue changeling thing sounds very possible! Come to think of it as well, the ponies seem to have gotten use to the changelings; it must be their new looks! Now it was GREAT seeing Ember again, so that's another bingo slot! However, Starlight NEVER met her! At least not that we know of. The Dragons thing seems more of a Spike thing than a Starlight thing. Also we saw Garble again! Didn't expect that either! I do hope we see more of Ember again in the future!

The humor in this episode was very spot-on as well! Lots of snarkiness from Spike (and his hilarious impression of Rarity), and especially the humor from Discord! Discord was a HUGE trouble-maker in here! He just never changes! XD And Celestia's laugh really made me laugh as well, and when she said "I was not aware I was an expression"! The Changelings made me laugh as well, especially the one who said "ATTACK!"

Now the Mane Six, of course, had another underwhelming amount of appearances. This was even more underwhelming than the season six premiere! I know there's so much that can be fit into one episode, but lately they've been doing less and less in the seasonal edges. Spike was awesome in here! He really knows his friends! He even knows Starlight better than Twilight does it seems! However, he still isn't bonding that much with characters outside of Twilight (even though there was that dance scene with Sweetie Belle!). I really thought he would bond with Thorax a little more. Thorax has been hanging with Starlight more than Spike, and don't forget, if it weren't for Spike, the changeling reformation would've never happened! ;) But I can let that slide for now, just as long as we see him bond more with other characters later in the season.

So yeah, even though it wasn't a 2-parter, it was an EXCELLENT start to the new season! Got a couple of bingo slots filled, and also in the end... HENRY! :D

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