I'm not gonna do Discordant Harmony or The Perfect Pear yet because I wanna do best for last! I'm gonna start with the EG specials - starting off with Dance Magic! I've seen a bit of it in Polish, but I can't really say my opinion of it without having the English one because I didn't really understand what it was about. It looked like a music video contest, yes, but there wasn't enough detail on what everyone was saying, and it's difficult to understand what everyone was trying to do. I can take guesses, but sometimes I need full-detail cause Imma dum-dum, so you bring me gum-gum! :3

So as I figured Berrow wrote this episode a long time ago for the Canterlot High students to raise money for the Camp Everfree field trip, but now since that's over, it's paying for the repairs! I thought that's what the dance at the end of LoE was about? Anyways, I would've preferred this to be a prequel. It works much better! I wanna see that doggy daycare one day that Rainbow mentioned! Probably woudla seen dog Ember finally! Patience, Sean, we'll get there! She'll appear sooner or later! And the first time, we don't have either Sunset Shimmer or Sci-Twi as the leading role, we have Rarity now! I'm glad the other members of the Mane Six are starring to shine now, and it would be nice seeing that happen in an EG series if it happens! I'd like to see one season of an EG series, each of the Mane 7 and Spike can each have their share of episodes, and we'd have a pretty good one-season series! When Sugarcoat said that the Friendship Games was a few months ago, it seems like time is moving kinda fast in that universe, and even though the Mane 7 are all seniors of the school, it won't be too long till they graduate, so who knows if there's gonna be much EG content left?

I knew when Rarity spilled the beans on her idea that the Shadowbolts were gonna steal it! It seemed like common sense there, but even though that was expecting, I didn't expect the climax to turn out how it was! With the The Rainbooms not so good at dancing, and the Shadowbolts not so good at making music, it was nice to see them combine their talents together to win the contest! I really like how this story turned out! It's a typical EG content thing, so it's very cheesy at times, more than the regular show. However, I did find it very enjoyable! Great to see the Shadowbolts again (besides Indigo Zap, I guess Kelly Sheridan was getting ready for Mirror Magic), and we got a little bit of development from them! I mean they weren't overshadowed by Principal Cinch so the Shadowbolts get a chance to lead their old antagonistic ways on their own without a bigger villain. We got to know the Shadowbolts a little more as characters, and hopefully we can see them again in the future! Speaking of Cinch, Principle Cadance now? What happened to Cinch? Did she back down, did she get fired, did she get promoted to the school board? Doesn't really explain. Hopefully we can get an answer to that in the future, but I wouldn't hold my breath there. EG doesn't have much in the ways of continuity expect for a few rare cases.

Now the Dance Magic song... it's a modern pop song with a little rap in the middle, which I'm not a big fan of the genre, so I wasn't a big fan of the song. It is a catchy song, and for a pop song, it was pretty good, I nodded my head a few times! The Pinkie rapping part lost me though; sorry, Pinkie! :3 Spike was good in here! I like his style with the jazz-hands! Spike's a hip swinging cat, what can ya expect? We all heard Jolly Ol' St. Nick!

So that's one out of the three episodes complete! I didn't watch the others yet, so I can't say which one I like better. So far, this is number 1 on the list, and is last place at the same time! :3

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