So we had a break for a few weeks, that's good! I'm glad we're stickin' to the show a little longer! No just so we're clear, I would perfer no early releases, but spoilers are really hard to avoid, and as long as I'm enjoying the episodes, that's all that should matter, right? I ain't betraying the show! ........... I'm betraying Discovery Family! :P Alright, so who's up for one more Daring Do episode? Daring Doubt... another pun. Great. XD

To be honest, I thought Daring Done? woulda be the conclusion to the Daring Do story arc, but I guess not! Too bad because of this, Rainbow Dash isn't gonna get her Wonderbolt story for the season; but alota the fans don't seem to like them that much. Though I probably woulda preferred them, because even though it does feel like a Daring Do conclusion story, there was alot wrong with it. I understand that need for hearing all sides of the story, but it feels like that topic was already discussed in Sweet and Smoky. In fact, this episode felt very similar to that episode, only replacing the dragons with Daring Do characters.

So the phoney writer giving Daring Do a bad name is (what a surprise), Dr. Cabbieman - though at least this time Rainbow Dash could see through the disguise, unlike the prophet from Daring Done, so at least this episode wasn't a mystery thing. I can understand Fluttershy being sympathetic for Dr. Cabbieman, but did she really fall for her tricks, or was it part of the plan? Probably the former - she was quite naive in here and falling for his tricks, so of course he tricked her, but then showing him the meaning of friendship shortly after reformed him, which... I dunno how I feel about that. He's a greedy pony, and not every villain is gonna fall for the "friendship" trick, just look at the Legion of Doom! But a "temporary truce" does work out nicely, and I guess it is nice seeing them work together and finally getting along, but it's not realistic to have every villain just reform just like that. I know we might wish for a world like that, but it's not that simple. However, maybe I could find his redemption understandable since the episode was focused on that, but he wasn't the only one who reformed! Ahuidoodle's reformation made even less sense! He did try to use the Ring of Destiny to cause 800 years of heat - he's not protecting the jungle, he actually wants to cause havoc! You don't necesarily need to hear his side of the story in this regard. Not to mention it seemed like he needed a pegasus to claim the treasure - I dunno how everypony could just take his side. I feel this worked with Garble, since he's young so it's understandable, but we're talking about an ancient monster and a greedy old pony. At least Fluttershy said in the end "not everypony is telling the truth, but everypony deserves a listen", they shoulda executed that - have one villian tell the truth and the other one lie. That woulda made more sense! Ahuidoodle can be the liar. We can say he's immune to the Truth Teller thingy and tried to get Daring and the others off his back so nopony could stop him from his tasks!

All and all, I found this to be a charming episode with nice humor, and I really did enjoy the moral, though I felt it was used the wrong way. This episode is basically on par with Uprooted and She's All Yak in terms of enjoyment. I did enjoy it, but the executions coulda been done so much better. I understand how Daring feels about writing books just so others can enjoy it instead of doing it for the fame - I can really feel her for it, she's really passionate about those stories! Very relatable!

I did like that it was a Rainbow Dash/Fluttershy episode, cause if ya think about it, we never had one of those! Sure they were together alot like in May the Best Pet Win!, Hurricane Fluttershy, and Flutter Brutter, but they never shared the protagonist role before now! Though it did seem like Fluttershy was taking over in this episode much like in Sweet and Smoky, making herself look better than the other main character. I really like that she really got her due, but this season was kinda pushing it for her - making her look too good. Duo episodes are supposed to make each leading character look good and both show their positive sides and use their talents to work together to get the job done, in here, it was Fluttershy mostly looking good, and Rainbow Dash didn't really offer much on the table, so even after 2, 4, 6, Greaaat, she still didn't get her well-deserved final episode. A shame really - it's not lookin' good for her and Rarity this season.

It's a shame they couldn't make a Daring Do episode that connects with Grogar's story arc. I was thinking that maybe the treasure in here woulda been the treasure that Grogar was lookin' for, and made Dr. Cabbieman using the stories to distract Daring so he can steal the object for Grogar and get paid for it. Now that woulda been a better episode! This was just a reformation story - kinda a waste of a Daring Do episode. Maybe I can buy Cabbieman reforming, but Ahuidoodle? That felt way too forced.

So Daring Do episodes from favorite to least:

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