Sup brahs? We're getting really close to the second half of the season! Even though the hiatus starts in this episode and the next one, it's nice to get a head start! Who knows? I might be busy by then, or maybe I won't! Since I have time on my hands now, I might as well do it! Time for our annual Discord episode of the year! This one's alot different from other ones! Let's give it a look-see! :D

So like I said before, this is a very different Discord episode that's different from all the others! As Discord spent some time with his very first friend, Fluttershy, he actually thinks he takes advantage over her and wants to throw her one at his place instead! Could it be? Discord actually being selfless? He went out of his way just to make his friend happy, and he doesn't care about what happens to himself along with the way! This is some MAJOR character development for him! In most episodes, he acts mischievous and only thinks of himself, but this time it's for Fluttershy! Much like To Where and Back Again - Part 2, he would literately sacrifice anything for her! I absolutely LOVED that! He even changed his house and himself just to impress her! I haven't shipped Flutters and Discord as much as I do now! I really think they're actually a couple, but Hasbro doesn't want that to be mentioned on the show! I ship 'em for this! Nopony gets them because of how different they are!

Of course there's a weakness here! Turns out Discord HAS TO be chaotic in order to not be erased from existence! Fluttershy was able to turn Discord into a better draconquues, but of course she didn't want him to change so much that he's a completely different person! Flutters showed some excellent character growth here too! In The Return of Harmony Part 2, Flutters yelled, "That big dumb MEANIE!" to him, and now look how they are now! Flutters would also go out of her way to make sure she doesn't lose her friend either! Either that, or Discord is Fluttershy's only way out of the chaos zone, and she's just making him stick around so she could leave! :3 I'm kidding! :P I really loved the dynamic between the duo in this episode as well!

Now how about everything else? The humor was spot-on! Discord became more likable and yet still funny! Loved the puns in here, like the 'pinatas hate bats' thing! XD If Discord created that money to buy for the stuff he needed, wouldn't that be counterfeiting? They're not real bits, I'm sure. Pinkie Pie has been getting quite alot of random encounters this season! Not just here, but A Flurry of Emotions and Honest Apple too! Episodes where she doesn't do anything major, but just appears since she's a favorite favorite! :P Discord has a very creative imagination, and everything he did in here was both hilarious and touching! We need more episodes like this every now and again! This is like the Inspiration Manifestation for Discord and Flutters! Fox bros, I am impressed with BOTH of your episodes this season! A major improvement from last season! Both this and Forever Filly were excellent! This episode is my new favorite from you dudes, AND my new favorite Discord episode! I really found it enjoyable! :D

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