How convenient! My move is finally done, just in time for The End in Friend! Well, it's not completely done, but I'm moved in now, and I can spend my time unpacking, which is already at home and I'll already be on here! But school's starting soon, on August 20th! Just in time for this one and the next 2 in the Australian early releases! However, I can't keep relying on my laptop here forever. I still need a new PSU for my PC and I need to conect my XBOX so I can continue Red Dead Redemption 1, which I'm sure you don't care about my bickering right now so let's get on with the review! :3

So even though this episode isn't the best of the season, it was actually really good and very much needed! I actually enjoyed it more than I thought! It was kinda similar to Non-Compete Clause, but it was much better executed! I'm actually glad they did this moral! It is really good to share interests that people don't have in common, instead of just befriending people that have everything in common witchu! Rarity and Rainbow Dash were an awesome choice as a duo in here, since we don't see them interacting that much! That's what made this episode really great, even though they don't have alot in common, the ways to get them to find out what they do have in common was very clever! Even though the test to try to get them together was pretty obvious, I mean I figured it was all an act about the amulet being stolen and who stole it, it was a very clever ruse! We know Rainbow likes Daring Do and Rarity with Shadow Spade, this test was combining both of their stories to create a Thief Mystery Adventure! I like that! Berrow is really getting good at these episodes! Ever since Daring Done?, her episodes have been really good!

This episode made great use of the school and Starlight Glimmer's counseling skills; the Mane 6's conflict being used to teach the students a little something very much needed! Not to mention the artifacts from A Matter of Principals returned, which leads me to believe that there's some sort of foreshadowing going on, thinking those artifacts might lead to the finale! Not only that, but that secret passageway? Don't leave that unsupervised! It could be used to the villains' advantage! This episode here might be more than just a simple slice of life episode that tests the friendship between two of the Mane 6!

So in all things considered, I really enjoyed this episode! I didn't think I would! I thought it was gonna be just another Mane 6 conflict episode that looks like it shoulda been a season 1 episode or something, but luckily this season didn't have alot of that! Just a few, but lots of continuity in most of these! This show is getting more and more intense by the season! Who knows how intense season 9's story could be!

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