Cool! We haven't gotten a full Starlight episode since A Hearth's Warming Tail! Same writer too! I knew I was gonna enjoy this! Ready to review the episode? If not, too bad! I'm starting anyway! :P

So at first I thought this episode would be Starlight going around Ponyville to start up multiple friendship problems like with the Cutie Mark Crusaders, Silver Spoon and Diamond Tiara, Cranky Doodie and Matilda, or others. I thought it would be a bit like Lesson Zero 2.0, but it wasn't like that it seems! At least not in my point of view! Oh yeah, that reminds me! That's the name of next week's episode! :D So yeah, no Starlight-CMC interaction this time. I guess we'll have to wait till next season for that, and Where the Apple Lies seems to be DT and SS's last chance to have dialogue this season. But regardless, it was nice to see Starlight bonding with the Remane Five without Twilight in the way! Since Starlight might not be interacting with the Remane Five that much in the season finale, it would make sense to have an episode that tests out her relationship with them! Pinkie Pie was so flipped table at the end, brahs!

So yeah, this episode had a nice development for Starlight! Though it was nothing that big really. Save her bigness for the finale! Also I dunno if you can see it, but I can see there were a few references in here that might foreshadow the finale! Trixie was mentioned, so Twilight was reminding us about Starlight's friendship with her, she and Spike bonded a bit, and that creature in Big Mac's photo, man! It could be just a timberwolf, or maybe it could be a creature that we might be facing in the FINALE... or it could just be a timberwolf! ;) Why would AJ take a picture of Big Mac hiding though? Shouldn't she be avoiding the creature too? Lots of crazy magic words were in here! Vogel seems to be a fan of Harry Potter! This might be Vogel's last episode of the season, so I gotta say, he did very good this season! Him and the guy writers were AMAZING new additions to the writing cast! Jennifer, Rapp, and De Marco were good too! :D

Another highlight of this episode is seeing different parts of the castle we never noticed before! The kitchen, the roof, the creepy basement! Twilight might as well open her castle as a Bed 'n Breakfast! Same with the Crystal castle! So many empty bedrooms! What are they gonna do with it all? Although even though we did get alot of the castle appearing in here, Owlowiscious' absence keeps me concerned in thinking if the crew completely forgotten about him. Didn't get an appearance from him, Winona, or Tank this season yet! I'm sure we'll see Winona in the Apple Lies episode, but we haven't seen half the pets this season.

Four weeks, please come faster, finale! D:

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