Sup brahs? I really lost my voice yesterday after playing Red Dead Redemption! Being a cowboy really takes alot outta your voice, yunno? :3 I bet Applejack would love this game, 'cept for maybe all the shootin' and such. I had a hard time recording for Max Payne 2 yesterday because of my hoarsey voice, and it really doesn't help when a couple of clips get corrupted and I have to do certain parts over and- oh wait, you're not interested in that, are you? Watch my videos on YouTube, brahs! C'mon! For now, let's just get to the reivew.

Alright! It's been a while since we had a Fluttershy/Rarity episode! That's what I said when I saw this synopsis, now that I saw the episode, it's just a Flutters episode. Kinda anti-climatic cause I wanted to see a combo episode between the two, but I guess this works! They did interact a bit, and Rarity did ask for her to run her Manehattan shop for her! Kinda bothers me that Rarity would go to literally everypony else before going to Spike after all he did for her, but I can look past that, it's no big deal really. However, this was a nice set-up for why Rarity asked Flutters to do it! It made sense that Rarity would need all her employees to help out in the fashion show, and it's nice that Rarity really trusts her friends to get the job done! Plus it was a nice touch to provide an example for Fluttershy on how to do the job well, and Rarity did great on her part! Just to show how much of an abrasive side Rarity has shows her very independent feminine nature, which Rarity has shown alot of in the series!

Now Fluttershy's role in this episode was also great! Of course Flutters has had alot of development in her assertive side, but it does make sense that there are still times when she could go overboard. No one's perfect! But this episode doesn't really focus much on assertiveness, it focuses more on either of two things. The first thing is when someone pretends to be something else, they take it way too seriously and it becomes a persona. I learned this in psychology class when a college was doing an experiment on students where some students get to be prisoners and others get to be guards, it was supposed to be a few week long project that ended in just a few days because the students took things way too far! It's a true story! Some of the students felt like real guards beating up on students that were freaking out or just felt like mindless zombies! I forgot what this experiment was called though, but that there is alot like this episode! Sometimes pretending can become too real! The second thing that came to mind is 'multiple personality' disorder, which pretty much explains itself. Either way, I found Flutters' multiple personas hilarious and pretty interesting! This has to be one of Andrea Libman's greatest roles in the show outta all the voices and persona she did while still keeping the Fluttershy voice! That takes alot of talent, and a big round of applause for her and her great effort in this episode! :D

Now for the little details. Was this episode great? Close to great! But there were still alot of problems with the pacing in this episode. Some parts felt rushed, while others seemed to drag on. That kinda hurt the episode in my opinion cause that happened way too much in here. The amount of character cameos were great! Nice seeing Sassy Saddles again, and of course all those cameos that happened in the same time in the beginning! It's a shame they didn't add Coco Pommel or Plaid Stripes in here regardless of having a job at Rarity's store. I know Coco made a big success of herself, as explained in Honest Apple, but I still miss her, and she coulda helped Rarity out in her fashion show. But I was very curious to what happened to Plaid Stripes. Rarity couldn've fired her, as Mr. Stripes would end up kicking Rarity out or lifting the price of her rent, unless she was taking the day off, Rarity didn't trust her enough, or she just quit. Either way, it woulda been nice to see the two characters. The Raccoon Family was a nice touch though for Fluttershy! How she treated them was a great example of how much into the "act" Flutters became!

It was a pretty good episode! Josh Hamilton is pretty good at the sitcom-themed episodes! Hopefully we get more from him this season! ;) Jeezums, still not a single bingo slot yet! I don't think I'm gonna do well this season in this regard, but hey, it's still the beginning of the season! :3

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