I'm writing this the same day as my previous review so I don't have alot to say. But did you see how I hyped I was for this episode? I was counting down on Equestria Daily and everything! I watched this the same night as the night that Mars was supposed to be as big as the Moon! Unfortunately, I just fell for a ruse! :P Mars was the size of a star, not a Moon. Which I'm actually kinda glad, because if Mars was as big as the Moon, then that would be pretty scary! Anyhoo, onto the review (ooo rhyme)!

Here it is! The episode I've been waiting for... or so I thought. Then again, people have seen this episode coming from a mile away, and I just didn't wanna believe it. I kinda saw it too after time when Sludge got better and was about to leave, and then he goes out saying that he's Spike's father. If he was really his dad, he woulda said so from the beginning. So in all things considered, I'm actually glad this fat cabbage wasn't Spike's dad, yunno why? Cause of how he was using him! Taking adventure of him! Just like a certain pony Spike seems to think very fondly of. C'mon, it's literaily the same thing, and doncha deny it! :P Although Spike seemed to accept it fairly quickly. I guess in all things considered, Spike didn't want that jerk to be his dad either, even though he was really happy. I know some say Spike was gullible, but what can you expect from a kid who met one of his birth parents for the first time? Sludge did have one thing going for him though: his smarts. He thought of a very buyable fake origin story! Could that image of Spike's mom be his actual mom? I'm not sure really. As a matter of fact, Sludge kinda looks like Spike, so he was pretty lucky in all things considered! He also had blue eyes like Smolder, which supported by theory of her being his sister. But I'll hate this dragon forever for what he did to Spike! >:( He might as well be Garble's dad! Just wait till Ember hears about this!

Speaking of Smolder, she was amazing in here! They have a huge bond going on between them now, and great chemistry! This is what Dragon Quest failed to do, make a good dragon! Smolder was a very supportive friend to Spike, and when Spike made that pillow for her, I knew he liked her! Seeing them fly together in the beginning? Forget that theory I made about her being Spike's sister! She's his future girlfriend! She's Spike's ticket to freedom from that awful crush on Rarity! Not only that, but Spike's relationship with Twilight went to new lengths as well! This episode confirmed that Twilight is like a mother to Spike (so who's the fatherly figure then?), and he actually broke Twilight's heart! Wow! For the first time ever, Spike didn't need Twilight! That was certainly impressive! Hopefully that could lead to something in season 9 as well!

Now despite what happened, this episode was far from perfect because it was a few little details in this episode that bothered me. For one: if Twilight is his adopted family, then who is Shining Armor, Princess Cadance, Flurry Heart, and Twilight Velvet and Night Light to Spike? He really shoulda been on the cruise in on Once Upon a Zeppelin, that would make Spike's acceptance within Twilight's family more believable, but instead he barely bonds with them. Second, Iunno why Spike would consider the Mane Six as his family and not confirm anyone else because he barely bonds with half of them. Coulda had alot more characters appear in here as Spike's family. They coulda at least added Starlight Glimmer as a confirmed family member instead of that Cleveland bathtub gag! :P The song was good, but I was expecting it to be a duet since Spike barely sings as it is. And above all else: this episode just followed the same moral as Dragon Quest.

They didn't have to reveal Spike's origins, but I thought they could do so much more with this episode, which is why it left me a little disappointment. But it did have it's highlights and some enjoyable parts, and this episode may lead to something for season 9! Will we ever know his origins? Maybe, I dunno, but I'm more interesting in him finding his purpose! Even though he doesn't seem interested in knowing his origins, he should at least be interesting in his destiny! Twilight may be the closest thing he has to a family, but would he want to be her assistant forever, and not even think about a personal career? That's what I'm really interested in!

So all in all, this episode wasn't what I expected and it was pretty underwhelming, but it was still a good episode! Since this is episode 24, this means there hasn't been a single Rarijack episode (I don't count Rollercoaster cause that's Equestria Girls), so that's another bingo slot!

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