Hey! This episode is not supposed to be here yet! Well, it's here, and Imma gonna review it! :3 Time to review Forever Fifty! No, I'm not fixing that typo! :P

Now what really impressed me about this episode was the amount of cameos! We started off with Sassy Saddles, so that's a bingo slot filled! I was hoping for the writers to not forget about her! Seeing her so worried, and seeing Rarity so far ahead proved very well on how both of the characters have developed over the seasons! Even Sassy proving to be a good friend to Rarity when she was devastated! Then we saw all the cameos in the Cutie Mark Crusaders' clubhouse of all the different ponies (and griffon) they helped out over the past! I saw Gabby, I saw Tender Taps, I saw Bulk Biceps, I saw Diamond Tiara, and best of all, I saw Babs Seed! It's not enough to fill a slot, and I'm still hoping for a Manehattan CMC episode later this season! But for now, let's focus on this one! We also got Zipporwhill back after her first appearance from 3 seasons ago! Her accent seems different though - she sounds more Spanish. Also her puppy has grown! I mean that's been noticed in here, but I'm liking all the continuity in here! So much continuity in one season! Also saw Claude again, but I don't really care much for him.

Now the main focus of the episode is Rarity and Sweetie Belle! Rarity claims she and Sweetie Belle haven't hung out in a long time, but what about The Cart Before the Ponies? Weren't they hanging then? I mean it wasn't a very good turnout, but it's still there! I guess with Rarity having three stories (or as claimed in the episode), things have been getting pretty hard difficult on her! This episode makes a pretty awesome sequel to Sisterhooves Social, since that was the first episode they started spending time together, and now that Sweetie Belle is growing up, Rarity wants to spend as much time with her little sister as possible, but now for new things! We gotta remember that children grow up, and they become ever more different than they used to. The CMCs have really come a long way! All the characters have been improving since the past! It's really nice to see! The crusaders are really taking their new job seriously! They just helped another pony get their cutie mark, and they helped Zippor with her dog! That B-plot seemed really fitting for the episode, unlike the B-plot from All Bottled Up. Everyone grows up, and they'll want to be trying out different things! Not just mentally, but physically, and Sweetie Belle looked a bit taller than she used to during the ice cream shop scene! Anyone else see that? The CMCs seem to be growing taller! It could be just my imagination, but much like how Twilight is growing to be a little taller ever since she became a princess, the CMCs seem to be showing the same results! Let's hope we see a Spike growing up episode later this season, uh, mentally not physically! Not just maturing though, but showing new interests!

Now then, we got TWO bingo slots filled for this episode: Sassy returning, and we got a Sweetie Belle episode! Holy Wizard of Hope, would you look at that! We're already almost at a bingo! The last bingo slot I have to do is Twilight sharing an episode with either Applejack or Rarity respectively! I see that likely happening, so I might get a diagonal bingo for this season! :D

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