I'm too hungry to write this one! Wait till after dinner!

Alright it's waaaaaay after dinner! In fact, it's almost midnight! I might release this in the morning when you finally see it, but let's get down to business! Frenemies! The first of the many Italian early releases! Wow, where to begin? An all-villains episode! Didn't think we'd ever have an episode with just them without a single good-guy character appearing (except for Rusty Bucket)! I knew from the season nine premiere, Cozy Glow, Lord Tirek, and Queen Chrysalis would have awesome chemistry with eachother! Of course they start off with hating on eachother, but knowing their common enemies, the Mane 6 and Starlight Glimmer, that's what gives them motivation! However, they don't have alota motivation to go after Spike or the Student 6 - which is good, cause perhaps it would give them more of a chance for their respected victories in the finale! But then again, Cozy's probably gonna remember the students! ;)

Grogar was actually smart to sending the Fallen 3 (not the name I picked, but it is awesome for them) on the mission together! The Fallen 3 know for sure how bad and how powerful Grogar is, with or without the bell, but if this is how powerful he is without it, I can't imagine how powerful he could be with it! The Fallen 3 realize this too which is why they teamed up against him and made him think they don't have the bell! However, it seems kinda dumb for the 3 of them to hide the bell in Grogar's fortress, where he could... yunno... accidentally stumble upon it? They didn't think that through did they? Regardless though, they were so close to being reformed in here because of how they worked together! Friendship is like The Force in this world - it's the most powerful thing! Makes me wonder since Spike is the best friend anyone has ever asked for, you'd think he'd be more powerful! :O Regardless, even though Tirek kept his word in giving Chrysalis back her magic, they knew friendship wouldn't prevail, not yet! They see friendship as a weakness, but who knows? I can definitely see these 3 reforming in the end of the series, but not Grogar though! I just loved the chemistry between these 3 like they're siblings, annoying children that Grogar is looking after! XD Hearing their opinions on Discord, the Mane 6, and even Twilight herself was hilarious! The song was amazing too! I never thought I'd ever hear Tirek sing! In a tango too! I can safely say this is the best song of the season so far!

So before watching this episode, I actually thought this would be an episode about each of the villains' flashbacks, something like The Hearth's Warming Club, where each of them would share information about their personal lives, which could eventually lead to their reformations, and then we'd finally get a flashback of re-introducing Scorpan finally! I guess not yet. But soon! I can feel it! It seems Chrysalis finally remembers her lust for revenge on Starlight, and Tirek's motivations seem to be his physique? Well I guess seeming himself as a powerful, destructible being does sound alot like him! Still don't understand Cozy's motivations though - her's remains a mystery, which I hope we get soon. One of the synopsises of this episode mentioned something about "making allies with the enemy", which I'm glad was a typo cause it would ruin the element of surprise if the Mane 6 knew that Tirek and Cozy were outta Tartarus, or Grogar exists!

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