Ok so I finally had the chance to watch Friendship Games again, and I seemed to owe an opinion from it. I gotta say, it's difficult to know which one was the best one! It's nice to see the other writers in action of what they have in store for Equestria Girls! Instead of Meghan McCarthy, we got Josh Haber! Among the newest writers! Even though his first episode was pretty questionable, he did improve dramatically! Now look at him! I'd like to see M.A. Larson write an Equestria Girls movie one day! Anyways, let's give out the review!

Let's start off with the new characters! We finally have a Cadance, and as a Dean for Crystal Prep! I would've thought Cadance would be in charge, but it seems Principal Cinch already has that title. Now for once we have an adult antagonist instead of another student! It was pretty interesting, even though Cinch ain't that original. I would've thought the students would sing "It's a Hard Knock Life" when she's around! XD I know my OC would've he went to Crystal Prep! But no, he goes to CHS. I also liked the Anti-Six! Sour Sweet's bi-popular which was hilarious, Lemon Zest of course and she's voiced by Lightning Dust, and there's Indigo Zap who was supposed to be Lightning, I dunno why it didn't happen. Indigo was voiced by Starlight Glimmer! Also we have Sunny Flare, who's the prettiest and she shares the same name as my OC! And finally we got Sugarcoat, who I thought was either Cloudchaser or Flitter. Shining Armor also finally had an appearance - even if it was for just two minutes. It was that time when I thought Cadance seemed to be having more appearances than Shining (I knew that already, but it was that time when I thought why Cadance having more appearance than Shining?). So these were good new characters, even though Cinch was kinda boring, but at least we finally have a villain that just walked away, but not getting reformed of course, but really in all things considered, she seemed to be another Ms. Harshwhinny or Prim Hemline at the same time.

It was very interesting having the human version of Twilight and her side of the story, and also Spike the Dog, which by the way, Spike had a pretty decent role! Good enough for me! This movie was pretty much a combination of the series premiere with Twilight not interested in friendship and all that, combining with the first Equestria Girls movie in reverse! Now its Sunset Shimmer who's teaching Twilight about friendship, and Twilight was the villain! Battle of the demons! Now Sunset is doing whatever Twilight taught her, and now Sunset is teaching Twilight all over again! It is so weird, yet so cool! It was very creative on how we got more into why the magic was there! Even though Rainbow Rocks seemed cooler, this movie had more story in it! The Unleash the Magic song was pretty much my favorite since it gave me goosebumps! A typical villain song, but still! It was nice seeing Rainbow Dash having her own song again too, but how about we let other main characters have some lead, huh? A Fluttershy leading song seems to be in order! Oh yeah, I left out a few characters. Yeah we got some returning characters that we've only seen once or twice like Jet Set and Upper Crust, Fleur Dis Lee, Suri Polomare, Trenderhoof, why is Royal Pin there? I never took him for the fancy type.

Now I saw the deleted scenes of this movie about Sunset wanting to go back to Equestria, that would've been really interesting! I guess they took it out because it might've made the plot too complicated. I think Sunset wanting to go back to Equestria might be used in a future movie - probably the final one. Everfree Caverns is next! I have the feeling we might be seeing Zecora, Gilda, and the Wonderbolts as camp councilors, Garble as a dog, and maybe one day we'll get a Discord! I'm also hoping we'll get a Starlight Glimmer too! Like Starlight wants to go through the mirror since she's concerned to why it's there in Twilight's castle.

Anyways, I'm not sure which movie I find better, but this one was really up there! It was like one of the most interesting ones in the bunch! Let's see how the next one will be like! ;)

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